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    Yeah happy birthday!! Sorry I haven’t been around in a while…


    Hey, thanks man! Nah don’t be sorry for not being on, that’ll be me in a couple months most likely, sometimes other aspects of life have to take priority for a bit haha

    Exactly, there is more to life than a forum... I often have other things to do that are a higher priority too, thus leading to me being offline for a while.

    ps. Happy Birthday! @Birding Boy 🎉🎈🥳

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    Sorry; I'm not sure why I didn't respond to this last year, but we're not looking to expand the site beyond birds, especially not for photo threads; as you all know photos use up a lot of space and the site owner has generously increased our allotment for uploading photos (some of you will remember the "old days" when just a couple of photos used up the allotment) so we are not encouraging people to post more non-bird-related photos.

    One way to post photos and still have the full quality versions displayed without using WhatBirds' space: upload them to iNaturalist, eBird, or BirdForum first. Then copy to photo link and embed it in your post, by clicking 'insert image from URL.' That way the forum is using the external photo information instead of transferring that info to WhatBirds' database. I only actually upload a picture to WhatBird without and embedded link about once a week...

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