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    Lovely picture! Good Job.
  2. I think it is some kind of hybrid. I would expect if it was a Snow Goose it would probably have a Pink Bill.
  3. I'd say they are juvenile Herring Gulls for pics 1-3 and adult Herring Gull for the last picture. Any of you others want to confirm it or give your opinion?
  4. There has been a fair amount of Cackling Geese seen recently in PA. I'd say their bill size looks about like Cackling Geese and their overall size in comparison to the Mallards. I see them together often and Canada Geese are much bigger than Mallards. At least the goose in front of the small duck on the right has a short bill.
  5. It is a juvenile Peregrine Falcon. Good sighting and pictures. One of my favorite birds.
  6. Look at their size in comparison to the Mallard. They are extra small.
  7. I think it is either a Ring-billed Gull or a Herring Gull. But I do not know which!
  8. Can you ID these Gulls for me? Thanks! They were flying over a landfill in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA. Taken in February.
  9. Agreed! Female Western Bluebird and House Wren.
  10. Thank you! A sign of spring. A little bit earlier than it's supposed to be.
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