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  1. We have put feeders out for the first time in years. First we put out a small tube feeder squirrel proof type. And then we put out a platform feeder with a cover. We have what they call northeastern mix in the tube feeder and black oil sunflower and Safflower seeds in the platform feeder. Initially we got a lot of chickadees and Junko’s. Later we got a lot of goldfinches, scaring the chickadees and junkos away. Eventually the chickadees are the junkers seem to be able to feed at the same time as the goldfinches. We’ve counted 15 or more goldfinches on our feeder at a time. I’ve been wondering why are there so many goldfinches around this time of year? We’ve also put suet out in our willow trees. We’ve gotten Downey woodpecker’s, chickadees, junco’s, Blue jays and red bellied woodpecker’s on the suet. We’ve also have had one or two tufted titmice on the platform feeder, the tube feeder and the suet. Paul near Albany, NY
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