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  1. “Most gynandromorph individuals are infertile, but this one may actually be fertile as the left side is female, and only the left ovary in birds in functional.” Only the left. TIL snaptube telegram web vidmate
  2. Britain's most prolific bird egg thief single-handedly put the future of nightjars and turtle doves at risk,Royal Society for the Protection of Birds says after court case: Daniel Lingham,65,is facing jail after illegally collecting more than 5,000 bird eggs,including a number of endangered species.
  3. I like to use cameras, but there are times when binoculars are easier and better to use. (Bird/wildlife watching, plane spotting, sports) Why aren't better quality binocular/camera combos available. There are decent, cheap cameras and decent, cheap binoculars, but even the expensive combos of the two are crappy. Stabilizing the picture can't be all the problem. You would have more room to put in stabilization mechanisms in binoculars than on digital phone cameras. What's the hold up for selling good versions of these?
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