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  1. Again, thanks so much for all the help! My neighbor will be very relieved haha. Have a great weekend!
  2. Ok good. I’ll try to get a good photo tomorrow :) it just doesn’t seem to be breathing, and it’s really cold out. Should we put a nest box out for it or something?
  3. My neighbor found this bird a few weeks ago (Super Bowl day) and was very concerned. It was curled up in the corner of her patio. She saw it again today and freaked out because she feels bad for it. She’s desperate to find out what’s wrong and help it. She insists that it leaves and comes back sometimes. There is poop from the bird on the patio floor, but I’m pretty sure it’s dead. However, I’m not sure how it would stay balanced. She wants to know what to do. She’s willing to set out a box or house for it but I’m not sure that will work. I’m in the tri-state area so it’s pretty cold. I’ll try to get a clearer picture soon. I have no bird experience- this is my last resort. Please help identify what’s wrong with this bird. Thanks, Em.
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