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  1. Hello, Today I saw 3 tanagers in Florida, and I cannot tell if this one is a scarlet or summer. The darker wings and shorter beak make me think female scarlet.
  2. Hello, Simple one today, just making sure this florida bird is a gray cheeked thrush. No prominent eye ring, and grayish cheeks. Also, my flash went off when I took this photo, so that's why its so illuminated. I feel bad, because I'm scared it can hurt birds, but he seemed to not even care. What's the general consensus on flash vs birds? Is it bad?
  3. Hello, Today there were some strong winds along the central Florida coast, so I did a bit of a seawatch. I'm pretty sure photos A and B are Cory's Shearwaters, they hung close to the water, and had distinct yellow bills. Photo C is juvenile Northern Gannet (or booby?) Photo D I think is just a first winter laughing gull, I just want to be sure. It's wings look unique. Photo E I have no idea. Sorry for the quality, it was very far out. Its wings look too short to be a laughing gull, and too thick to be a tern's.
  4. Upon review, I am thinking they are all pine, the drab one just being immature. Let me know if I'm wrong though!
  5. Hello, Tons of warblers are migrating through central Florida right now, and here are 3 I couldn't ID. Note: All these birds were seen very high in the canopy of a tree. Picture A: An extremely drab cape may? Female blackpoll? Picture B: Blackburnian or Pine? I am having trouble telling the difference. Picture C : (Sorry for the bad photo) I am assuming a pine?
  6. Hello, I'm helping out a friend and posting their photos here. This bird was seen along Florida's East Coast. I'm pretty sure its an immature peregrine due to the strong sideburn, but I may be wrong. Thanks for the help!
  7. Hello, Many weeks ago, a tropical storm brought in many pelagic birds closer to shore than usual along the eastern coast of Florida. I thought this bird was a Parasitic Jaeger, due to the lack of the long center tail feather, but someone else thinks its a Pomarine. Which one do you think it is guys?
  8. Hello, This bird was seen high in a cypress tree in Central Florida, and I'm not sure what it is. I'm thinking female black-throated blue warbler, but any ideas would be great. Sadly this is the only photo I have.
  9. Hello, Migration is peaking right now in central Florida, and I have been hearing tons of Acadian Flycatchers. Today I saw this flycatcher, but it looked very small, so I was wondering if it was either an acadian or least. It did not vocalize, but I'm pretty sure its an Acadian, due to the big beak, but it just felt so small; though, that might have been due to distance.
  10. Wow, thanks for all the help guys. I'll keep all this in mind next time I see a cooper/sharp shinned!
  11. Hello, Raptors are migrating through south Florida now, and here's one I can't seem to identify. If anyone could help, and explain the difference between the two similar birds that would be great!
  12. Hello, Fall migration has been picking up in central Florida and so have the thrushes. I am pretty sure this is a gray cheeked thrush, but it looks kind of ruddy, but that may be an affect from editing the photo. If someone could let me know which one this is that would be great and the best way to tell the two apart in low light situations like this.
  13. Hello, On 9-18-2020 in central Florida, I saw this flycatcher when kayaking through a creek. It was quite far, so I could not judge size, and it never vocalized. I'm aiming towards acadian flycatcher, as it has an eyering and least flycatchers are rare here. If anyone would know, that would be great!
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