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  1. photos taken at Rocky Mountain Arsenal Nat'l Wildlife Refuge on June 5:
  2. oops, looks like i DID get to see the sword-billed at Guango Lodge after all:
  3. Our bus stopped off at Guango Lodge for just a couple hours due to a temporary road closure ahead, and I didn't get to see the sword-billed.
  4. Sorry, I should have said that all five photos were taken at Guango Lodge in Ecuador.
  5. this bird was photographed (at a distance) at Paz de las Aves near Mindo, Ecuador, 12/25/18
  6. this bird was photographed 12/23/18 near Mindo, Ecuador
  7. There were some elusive birds yesterday that didn't want me to get a good shot. I wonder if you all can help me learn what I got only a glimpse of? These were taken at Bayou Sauvage Nat'l Wildlife Refuge in New Orleans: #1 #2 Perhaps this is the same guy as #1? #3 #4 #5 this might be another view of #3
  8. Looks like I shot a photo of this guy an hour earlier
  9. are these willets? photos taken 4/27 #1 #2 #3
  10. this photo was taken June 14, in Garfield County, Colorado
  11. don't have a photo of a nearby male euphonia, just a couple tanagers. thanks for the help.
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