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  1. So there I was, sitting in Nehalem, OR today, wondering if the Hooded Oriole was every going to show itself for me (the answer is no), and if I was going to have to make a fourth trip down there to look for it (the answer is yes), idly looking at the Birds Near Me app on my phone, when I saw Black-legged Kittiwake have been reported 1-2 in three locations nearby in the last 30 days. I had what Samuel L Jackson would call a moment of clarity, when my brain snapped into place...and I remembered being at Nehalem State Park on December 31st, hiking along the bay side and back into the woods when a very light colored gull flew over. I only got one shot then lost it in the sun. I got home, cropped it a bit, decided there wasn't enough definition to ID it as anything (like I do most gulls unless they stand out as very different from the 5000 Olympic Gulls that are everywhere here) without ever having the fact it had very black legs jump out at me. Granted there isn't a lot going on with the wing tips to point to a Kittiwake. Thoughts? This is what I call "winter birding" where (when I lived in WY) I would drag out some older photos to make sure I didn't miss anything. Thank you!
  2. Two shots, thankfully. The gal who was pointing it out to me was most patient!
  3. Apparently I hit the quote button at some point and can't seem to remove it, but thanks to all of you for the advice and help, it is greatly appreciated! I learned a lot from pointing out the differences with the bills and flanks, and the question asked above was a good one! Got my new life bird today, a Slaty-backed Gull, and managed to not get hit by the trucks going by on highway while standing on the should and not get sprayed by the liquid fertilizer spreader working the field, so all and all, a win! Happy birding all!
  4. January 16, 2022 - the first birds are at the Tokeland Marina in Tokeland, WA. There has been one Clark's reported and possible Clark's x Western, the latter of which are giving me pause for thought, though I feel like there is just enough lack of definition on the typical identifying mark of where the black line falls, above or below to make me second guess. There were at least a dozen Grebes on both the marina side and the bay side, and I spotted the one I think is a Clark's then lost it in the mix. 1. Clark's 2. Do I have Western on left, Clark's on right? The bill shape is slightly different but I don't feel like it's the brighter coloring I'd expect. 3. This one and 4. are both throwing me a bit.I'm inclined to go with Clark's on this one, the lighter coloring is more definite, and the bill brighter. 4. This one, while the coloring around the eye makes me think it could go either way, the bill is darker and more dark coloring make me think Western. Then just to get myself even more twisted in a knot, I headed to the Westport, WA marina, where, not expecting to find another Clark's, I was just snapping away at whatever I saw, and got home and think I have a second one. Left Western and right Clark's? 6. Another shot of what may or may not be the same bird And just for the fun of it and as a thank you, I give a few thousand Dunlin seen in between the two marinas at Bottle Beach State Park, about two hours past high tide yesterday, which is optimal timing. It walked the beach 20 minutes prior and there was one gull. Then boom, over 400 Marbled Godwit, 1000s of Dunlin, Black-bellied Plover, Sanderling, and a Merlin chasing them all around. Birding is so much research, skill and...good luck on timing. Apologies for video quality. Video is so NOT my thing obvious.
  5. That was my first give away! Thanks again everyone, you are awesome!
  6. Ya gotta admit, there is something nice about heading out and thinking "boy, I'd sure love to see one of those today, but it's so unlikely...." going out, seeing 4.8 billion ducks, then getting home to find out you did see the one thing you were hoping for after all.
  7. Thank, both of you! I have the eBird report already in, so I'll update it now. The only reason Palm crossed my mind was due to a recent report of one in the county, and also the vague idea that it sort of, kind of, looked like a very late season YRWA I reported a couple of years ago in WY and got corrected on by my eBird reviewer. Well, this day was more exciting than I thought it would be after all, LOL!
  8. Taken today, 1/9/2022 on Wireless Road just south of Astoria, OR. It's a farm road that runs along the Young's Bay Area. I've been out there a lot trying to find, unsuccessfully on both counts, a Lesser Black-backed Gull and an American Tree Sparrow. I think this might've been the first day I've been out there when it wasn't raining buckets. I was going to walk it but there was literally one gull in the fields where there are usually 100s, so...I got out next to a brushy slough area where the sparrow has been reported, when this guy popped up higher in the tree tops. This is the one shot I got of it. Unfortunately there was a branch that I at least focused out (where usually I get a very sharp branch and an out of focus bird) that is blurring the tail, which would've been a helpful ID marker. The two warblers that should be here right now are Yellow-rumped and Townsend's. I figured it for a Yellow-rumped at a glance. Looking at the photo though and comparing it to the scads of YRWA I have photos of, it's unusual to see one with this much of a wash on it's breast vs what I normally see. I have less extensive experience with Townsend's, but I've never seen one yet with that white coloring around the head. Am I overthinking this too much, and it's a YRWA, or am I missing an option? Palm crossed my mind, but I've really only seen those twice in my life so would not be confident even considering that. Thanks in advance!
  9. Yesterday caught some female mergies in the Tillamook Bay areas, along east of Garibaldi, OR and Bayocean Spit. Just about the time I think I'm 100% sure of Common or Red-breasted some marking causes me to doubt that. I'm inclined to think they are all Red-breasted, but would appreciate any confirms or notes on markings. I didn't get lucky enough to have a male about to help move the needle. A. B These I'm more confident are Red-breasted...mostly due to the less defined collar between the red head and the white throat. C D Heading out into the rain to look for more birbs! Thank you for looking, T
  10. 11/6/21 Westport, WA, Westport Marina - king tide had a lot of the shore birds in the marina on the pilings. There were about 120, what I thought at the time were Black Turnstone and Surfbirds. Mostly they were, but an eBird reviewer friend of mine corrected me on my first Rock Sandpiper. So I went back to the shot I had taken of the whole group to use as a way to do a more accurate head count, and blew it up. I went along checking off the three aforementioned birds, and got all the way to the back of the row where I found this Waldo with the big schnozz. Really chunky for a Dunlin, but that's my best estimate. Also, I'm chunky and have a big nose, so don't take the slights personally. Dunlin?
  11. November 6, 2021 at Westport WA along the jetty. watching the King Tides yesterday, I saw this guy fly across my range of vision, can't believe I managed to even snap a photo as it went by as quick as could be. It landed and immediately dove, and even though I watched the area it went in for a good five minutes, I never did see it pop up again. I know it's a long shot, but wondering if anyone with a little more pelagic experience might be able to discern any traits that would help make an ID call. I'm leaning toward Common Murre, but would love any other opinions. May just not be able to make a final call. I promise all of my photos aren't this bad! LOL Thank you,
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