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  1. Thanks everyone! This is only the second time I've seen White-rumped, so pretty exciting! The help and field marks are much appreciated!
  2. For me, at this point, all it does it help rule out a couple of others. 🙂
  3. May 29th, Bowdoin NWR in north Montana (If you have never been there and can, GO!) I'm trying to get better at sandpiper ID, but I still get it wrong half the time anyway. Any tips for what you are using to ID is hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance! 1. There are some medium sized and a couple of smaller, in addition to the Wilson's Phalarope 2. Wilson's Phalarope and..... 3. This one is really intriguing me. I thought a singular Long-billed Dowitcher at the distance I was seeing it from, based on size - bigger than Phalaropes, smaller
  4. From the James Kipp Rec Area in central MT today, I could hear Western Wood-pewee and Least, but this one was doing a "WIT" call and hearing all three calls and seeing what looks like 3-4 species really made me doubt even worse than usual my flycatcher ID skills. Help is appreciated. 1. 2. 3. 4. This one I think was the Western Wood-Pewee, which I'm usually very clear on This one is a grassland bird from south of Malta MT. At a glance I thought it was a Vesper Sparrow. From the side it looks like it has the light russet on the shoulders, but the s
  5. Thank you! TBH the feathers were throwing me off a bit because I just could not find any sketches or photos of any of the cormorants with that amount of feathered finery. The sun came out this afternoon, though the wind was wicked cold, I managed to get a few more shots. They seem to be roosting the same spot. It's still a long shot even with my pretty decent camera, but I was happy to get some of the blue gular coloring too. I've gotten was here over a decade ago, before I started birding, so as typical it was a big regret to have been in such a bird rich place without actually seei
  6. Thank you! I think I can just see the light coloring on the neck of the first one, which is one reason I was leaning toward Brandt's. Much appreciated to both of you. I'm hoping for some better light in the next couple of days to get better shots and looks. Now if I could just figure out all of the gulls.....ðŸĪŠ though that's going to take way more work and time.
  7. Greetings from the great Pac Northwet! Reports of Brandt's Cormorants, and maybe I've spied them, but none are showing the gular coloring at all, and at great distance it is hard to discern. Brandt's would be a new bird for me, so I'd like to check to confirm with others who know better. 🙂 Taken in the last 24 hours in locations as indicated. First photo is in Astoria under the Megler Bridge. I'm leaning toward Brandt's. Second is from the Hammond Marina. Pelagic? Thank you!
  8. I found this solo Dowitcher north of Sheridan, WY tonight. It was alone on a small farm pond with Mallards and Green-winged Teal. Usually I see dowitchers in at least a small flock, and it SHOULD be a Long-billed, and may very well be. Maybe wishful thinking on my part, but it seems to be missing the hunch in the back and the bill seemed shorter. It does have the larger round belly that is supposed to be a trait of the Long-billed, but looking at photos of both and allaboutbirds I see varying levels of belly roundness or skinniness on both. Basically for every one I see that should be one or t
  9. I am posting this for a friend, who asked for some ID help. I'll detail my diagnosis below, but would love other opinions. This was taken September 26th, on Clear Creek Trail in Buffalo, WY. This area of the trail area is some pine, mostly brush, aspen, and sometimes creek side. The four Western under tail matches where the body is yellow and the tail is more of a solid dark are Wilson's, MacGillivray's, Common Yellowthroat and Orange-crowned. Looking at the Eastern options, the tails are too short on that end to apply here. (But don't completely discount me on this, it could happen.)
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