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  1. November 23, 2023 - Bottle Beach State Park in WA, along Grays Harbor which is an estuary bay. The shorebirds come in just after high tide in the 1000s. In the last couple of years there has been a Willet residing along several hundred Marbled Godwits that move mostly between here and the Westport Marina. In Nov 2023 there was also a Red Knot in non-breeding plumage. It looks like most reports of Red Knot at this location are in spring and in breeding plumage. I thought they were both the Willet, and the Willet is rare and previously reviewed and cleared. However, I seem to be incorrect about one or both birds. The Red Knot would be rare as well. Maybe I'm missing another options, but opinions are appreciated as always. Thank you,
  2. The plus side is sometimes you get to pick up a new life bird. Like...a Golden-winged Warbler? One of the nice thrills I get from getting a reviewer's email is once in a blue moon something I ID as a more common thing turns out to be a rare lifer. So, I got that going for me. Which is nice.
  3. Well, I'm here to drive you crazy, if that helps. I keep trying to not pile on too much to the off duck topic at hand, but since the discussion seems to continue to toddle along, another perspective and reply as the OP: I am also familiar with the unconfirmed status based on distance, location, etc. I had some early on birding and learned to limit my range and pick more accurate locations/smaller areas. Liam thank you for the explanation, and I would think, again, I don't like feeling paranoid, it would be odd that they all came in over a few days, but also from various states, if it was just one reviewer working through a backlog of some kind, I would expect them to be more localized. Whoever it is now is working through newer lists, as I received more unconfirmed from 2022 and 2023, and also from more states as well as reports from August of last year from the UK. The fact that I have only received one reviewer email indicates to me it isn't a reviewer, because I always do get an email with some helpful ID tips. I'm the happiest person to get an email from a reviewer. As mentioned, I value the data too, so I do also want to make sure my own information is accurate. I don't mind making corrections. The points of frustration I have are: 1) Regular users can't send a message like an eBird reviewer stating their reasons for the flag. Therefore there is no opportunity to offer other details (song, call, point out something) that supports your ID. 2) Whoever it is is unconfirming reports that are for rare birds that have already been reviewed (sometimes at length) with a reviewer. 3) They are also now making mistakes such as looking at a group of birds and saying "oh these are all..." but not looking at the details for the single bird that the photo is pointing out. 4) One of the sets that dropped into my unconfirmed today is of gull sp. I think I can pretty much say if I am using gull sp. it's because I can't ID the #$% gull, which is why I used it. So I'm not sure what I'm expected to change it to. At the end of the day, I'm pretty short tempered about it for the reasons above and, let me put it this way.... I don't know if whoever is doing it is sitting at home on a rainy day thinking how helpful they are, but after some odd blood work at the end of December and five weeks dealing with referrals, authorizations, inaccurate orders, appts that were delayed, finding out last Thursday I have what is like a level 1 (out of 11 for you Spinal Tap fans) benign tumor on my pituitary that now I get to spend more time chasing resolution, appts, etc to deal with, my little hamster wheel brain is already spinning, and then I realized some helpful fellow birder is chucking my reports back to me rapid fire and my hobby that keeps me sane suddenly is something else for me to deal with. That person doesn't know that, and one thing has nothing to do with the other, but I do this hobby as mentioned since a prior issue in 2013, and it brings me a lot of peace. It would be nice if there was a way to reach out to fellow eBird users before being so helpful, because you never know what the person on the other end might be going through. So....the duck is back to being a Blue-winged Teal?
  4. That was probably me. I thought I would give you guys a break. Thinking some one person is just going through only my photos feels...paranoid. It makes me wonder if I'm that bad of a birder it has to be done, but granted out of the all of the lists the % is low.
  5. I find it equally odd that one person would do the same to over 6000 checklists. I did get one email from a reviewer in AZ, but also flagged photos in WI, MT, WY, CO. It would make more sense to me that eBird had some concerted effort to correct the data of more than just one person. All I know is over the course of 2-3 days over 30 photos were suddenly flagged at once. I guess I'm just trying to understand the why it happens at once, when it really doesn't matter. I just fix them and move on.
  6. Jan 1, 2017 I made a resolution, and I don't make resolutions as rule with this exception, to list something, anything, on eBird every day for a year. That year I went to India to work for almost 6 weeks, and during the flight there I had a zero bird layover at Heathrow and missed posting any bird. The next year I decided I would give it a go again. And have ever since. Some days it is tough walking around the hospital where I work on a 10 hour work day counting pigeons, but I'm on day 2598 of a checklist streak and have 6.197 completed lists. Compulsive is accurate. I started birding during a year when I had a health issue that resulted in brain surgery, and it sort of saved my life along the way. I've been hooked since. So I can flag LOL
  7. I use eBird almost compulsively, lol, I think it's a great tool, and it came around about the same time I started birding, so I sort of grew up with it so to speak. Anyone can flag a photo. Most of the time these days it happens if I, say, upload the heron photo to the crow count, for example. That drops it into unconfirmed status. I check it every day and keep up and make corrections, though they are many fewer than when I first started, thankfully. So every so often one pops up as incorrect because either another user or the eBird reviewer caught something not correct. Then about every 2-3 years all of a sudden I get hit with maybe 15-20 corrections. When I say that, it may not be that many, but like if I dropped a Horned Grebe photo in with six Eared Grebes, all of them become unconfirmed. It's not just a local reviewer for recent items, in the last three days I've had my reports from MT, WY, AZ...I went from having about 10 that are recent that I know are correct and just waiting for the reviewer to clear for rare (Northern Mockingbird) or too many (Semipalmated Plover not just seen by me but others as well) to 44 photos unconfirmed. I actually welcome corrections, but looking at the even more that have happened today, I know at least one the eBird reviewer in WY already cleared years ago. It would just be nice if they happened with less of a...."did you want to go birding today or did you want go through 30 reports to fix something" and happened as they went in and not....7 years later. I know they are volunteers, so it's mostly just me venting, I appreciate being able to just grump about it to someone else, and I'm sure my poor husband appreciates it too because he's probably tired of it. I just have this vision of 500 eBird interns going through 14,000,000 photos to get 3 hours of credit toward their degrees and vomiting up old info that might have more notes they should be reading. So I'm laughing at that, sort of. At any rate, thanks for the Gadwall ID, it sounds like "survey says!" Hopefully the rest I can figure out on my own. 😛 I didn't figure a duck would be so interesting!
  8. FWIW I'm a little OCD, so probably ever day I check my eBird photos for something unconfirmed, which tells me I IDd something incorrectly. It usually pops right away, but when eBird does what seems like a big review/purge of incorrect IDs, they all come in at once and usually from a long time ago, like when I first started birding. Sometimes it's pretty obvious I got something wrong, i.e. Eared vs Horned Grebe back when I didn't know one from the other, other times it is frustrating because it's like....I'm pretty sure I had my OG reviewer help me ID this bird 6 years ago already. Anyway, it's a good exercise in ID skills and frustration to go to explore....photos...my photos...unconfirmed. The frustration comes from having 20 pop up incorrect all at once from 8 years ago, and only one ebird reviewer has bothered to send an email saying what they think the bird is.
  9. Since I'm leaning that way as well, I'll put it in eBird with some comments and see if it gets a response or confirmed. Thanks again for all of the help. This forum is awesome!
  10. Maybe one, not sure if it is the same bird just a little off or one with it, but they were next to each other in the shots. The bill looks more orange. This one you can see the white wing that might be more likely for Gadwall. This is the checklist. The birds IDd as Gadwall did not look like Gadwall to me, and I seem to remember being corrected on them prior. I almost have never seen them with that orange of a bill, but maybe winter plumage I guess. In all of my photos I only have a couple others with a bill that orange. Anyway, Gadwall not in question I guess, but winter plumage maybe throwing me off I suppose. https://ebird.org/checklist/S40459331 Note correction on the date should be 11/11 not 11/9. I do have what I think is a shot of a couple of Green-winged Teal further on, but I think we were at the next reservoir for those shots.
  11. Thanks. There were other Gadwalls out there that day, but looking very different. So much so they threw me off on IDing them, I remember. Much appreciated! Little brown ducks! @#$%!
  12. We didn't have them in numbers like they show up on the Pac NW coasts, but they did come up from time to time, mostly during migration if I remember right, so it could've been possible. Thanks both of you!
  13. Thanks, I get so used them in black white and gray it didn't even pop in my mind.
  14. It looks like eBird is doing some housekeeping of photos as I've had three reports from 2017 or prior go to unconfirmed. These are from when I first started birding, so not surprised I IDd something incorrect, but some birds still have me just as flummoxed it turns out. This one is a shorebird seen at Benton NWR in Montana, July 5, 2015. I put it down as a Least, I think because the legs seemed a little yellowish to me, but obviously not the right answer. Slightly droopy bill, not quite the right shape for a Western...maybe....Baird's? Thank you!
  15. It looks like eBird is doing some housekeeping of photos as I've had three reports from 2017 or prior go to unconfirmed. These are from when I first started birding, so not surprised I IDd something incorrect, but some birds still have me just as flummoxed it turns out. This one is from Nov 9th, 2017 Alcova Reservoir, Wyoming, and I put it in as a Green-winged Teal, but the less buffier coloring is more in line with a Blue-winged Teal, but that would've been rare at that time of year, so I think I better get some other opinions. Thank you!
  16. Well, to quote Meatloaf, "two out of three ain't bad." It's so hard out here with so many folks who have lived here for decades who point out the gulls and ID markers, and I think, okay, I can remember this or that bit." Then I get the gulls in front of me and think they all look alike. Thanks for the help as always!
  17. Again. One day I'll be able to ID gulls. I promise. Seaside Cove, Oregin Friday, February 2, 2024 about 5:00 pm. 1. Glaucous-winged 2. This is the one I'm mostly focused on, but I am thinking Iceland due to the smaller size, slim bill, lighter coloring. Compared to the other lunkers, it's a petite thing. 3. Western Gull, yellowish eye vs the dark eye of the California Gull. If anyone wants to have a go at the birds in immature plumage, feel free, but they are well beyond my skills at this point. Thank you!
  18. Another bird that is possible, I'm assuming it's not shorebird sized at all...a little smaller, are Horned Larks. We do get Snow Buntings but I don't see reports of them in Cannon Beach with much regularity (and one of our best state/county birders lives in CB and is out there a lot). They seem to like the quieter beaches and Cannon Beach, especially on a nice weather weekend like we had yesterday, is packed full of hoomans. The Horned Larks out here are darker than what I saw when I lived in CO/WY, they are considered "Streaked Horned Larks" and are more of a yellow yolk and rusty color than those you find in the non-coastal areas and are, as you might expect, more streaked. They are also listed as threatened due to declining numbers and habitat. While like Snow Buntings they seem to like the quieter beaches, they tend to show up with just a little more frequency than Snow Buntings, so they should be considered as well. They also have an undulating flight. Their flight call is a little different than but not unlike a regular Horned Lark, so if you heard them at all, I'd pull up some recordings and see if one strikes a chord, so to speak. We do get an occasional Lapland Longspur in the mix also, but I don't think any reported lately. Which is not to say they don't occur. 🙂 American Pipits do turn up as well, and not to completely discount Red Crossbills, while they are normally up in the conifer tree lines, I watched a small flock undulate themselves down yesterday to a beach puddle at the Peter Iredale wreck at Ft Stevens. This is a Streaked Horned Lark, FWIW. Taken 1/26/24 just a few miles north in Ft Stevens SP on the river beach.
  19. Thanks! In the end, gulls are going to be the death of me. I appreciate the help!
  20. A point of frustration to live on the coast and suck at identifying gulls. About the time I just give up and decide they are Olympic, I trip over some that make me wonder if maybe....maybe....they are something else. I won't pretend even that I know what I'm doing, but one looks a little Icelandy to me. Any other help is appreciate. All but one were taken yesterday, January 13th, Astoria Riverwalk, OR, temps in the 25s, icy conditions seem to have pushed a few of them closer to shore. There is a nice flock of about 80 Short-billed here, but that's where my skills seem to end. Anyway, I thought maybe some of you are iced in and bored. Thanks 😄 1. 2. 3. 4. This one is the bird I thought sort of looked like an Iceland, or else 10 other gulls. 5. 6. This is from today, same area. It seemed really rotund, short.
  21. Thank you all, I think Spotted Sandpiper is reasonable, and I also spotted (pun intended) a couple more at another location later in the day with the same wing beats, but wasn't making the connection. Awesome group as always!
  22. LOL Thanks, that's a start. There are a fair amount of shorebirds around but but none at this location that I saw, except a snipe. We have Black-bellied Plover, loads of Dunlin in some pastures but closer to the coastal areas. Greater-yellowlegs, Long-billed Dowitcher here and there. It didn't call, and the yellowlegs usually do when they are on the move it seems. I'm looking at it thinking I know what this is but can't seem to pin it.
  23. Whatever it is, the photo is lousy. Apologies for that. Taken today 12/3/2023 on the Columbia River at the end of Clifton Rd, which is just about to Westport, OR on the south side of the river. There were only a couple of gulls, bulkier, but Short-billed are around right now too and can be almost deceptively small compared to other gulls. When it flew by it looked more like a shore bird of some kind, phalarope sized. Bill seems too long for a gull. Leading edge of the wing is dark as is the back. I cropped it pretty heavy and can't get much more zoom on it. Black and white in color, no changes to the color of the photo. It had more of a shorebird type flight with short, sharp wing beats. It was a gray day most of the day. Any help is appreciated as always. Thank you!
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