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  1. I was at Ft Stevens in NW Oregon today, walking between Parking Area B to the jetty (Parking Area C), that is closed while they are working on it for the next few years. Pacific beach line. Not a lot of birds out there. A hand full of gulls and peeps, a Whimbrel did a low flight by. Not a lot of people, but several dogs off leash were keeping the shore line hopping with doggy activity. I caught a shadow as it flew over the sun and as it flew right out of the light I got one very far off shot, it was quite high

    I don't think it looks like a gull, but I could be wrong, but it just didn't strike me as anything I am remotely familiar with. Of course, I just moved here a couple of months ago, so that includes a lot of new to me birds. This is as close as I can crop it without losing any realistic definition, but if anyone wants the original posted, I can.

    If it's a Canada Goose I'm going to give up birding. Thank you!



  2. Great, so I've concluded I've moved to a place where I get to ID the two categories of birds that I'm the worst at, gulls and peeps. All I need is a large influx of flycatchers to make it a trifecta.

    I obviously punted on these and put them all down as Sanderling. At least one isn't correct, so here goes, and confirms and corrections are appreciated.

    July 31st, Willapa NWR/Leadbetter Point/Pacific Ocean side.

    I think the first one may be a Western



    2 & 3 Sanderling?




    4 & 5 I'm inclined to go with Least, which were out there, but I can't tell the leg color, and the primaries aren't long enough for Baird's. Or Sanderling?



    Now I've got to go look at the 38 or so photos I took last night hoping to find a Red-necked Stint, that I don't think I have.

    I asked for a book on shore birds for my birthday...



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  3. 😆

    Thanks for the smiles.

    In all honesty, I just uprooted my husband and I to move to Astoria, OR from Sheridan, WY. I left him there with the cat while we wait five weeks for both houses to close, so I could start work here. Then after a week found out I had covid. Probably contracted from co-workers in WY, who also got it both vaccinated (as I am) and not. The day before I found out, I hiked five miles looking for birds. Thankfully on a very low traveled trail (I think I ran across one group of three going the other way).

    Then to top it off I'm in a very musty old B&B for a month at a great rate, but no tv, no microwave, no fridge, just an electric kettle to heat up hot water. So I spent the week off work, not paid, running all over trying to find places I could get out and walk where there were no people, few enough people they were avoidable, or enough room to spread way out, masked, getting fresh air, sunshine, trying to find ways to obtain food with as little risk to others as possible, and looking for more birds.

    It's been a long, weird, crazy couple of weeks, and I appreciate that this thread went on a tangent and made me laugh.

    FWIW, I can (especially in WY where distance is measured in miles) leave the house to go birding at 7 am and get home at 10 pm, with my husband/driver/spotter while I ID on the computer from the passenger seat, organize photos, and submit checklists. My usual excuse for an incorrect ID is I'd been birding 12 hours and the sun was on the screen in the car. 😄



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  4. Hello again, today I took a trek through Leadbetter Point State Park/Willapa NWR in SW Washington. On the Pacific Ocean side I encountered scads of shorebirds, which I've hopefully identified correctly, but back on the bay side, I found this lone peep. I was about to go with Western due to the streaking on the flanks and the rufous spot on the shoulder, but the wings extending beyond the tail gave me pause for thought, as well as the bill seeming to be more blunt, and the posture more upright. I am pondering if this solo guy was a White-rumped or something else. White-rumped would be way, way out of range, so I'm thinking not likely, but wanted to see what others thought. The bird was pretty wet, I was soaked myself, the camera was damp, and fogging from a constant light rain, which probably isn't helping with the markings on the bird.

    As I was telling someone today on the Facebook group I created and admin, Wyoming Bird, something about the most likely answer is usually correct when they were trying to say a Mountain Chickadee was a rare to WY Scissor-tailed Flycatcher. That doesn't stop fantastical thinking from happening though.

    Thank you!







  5. Taken today, August 6, Lynn Point Road, Nemah, WA (it's a random hotspot).

    Purple will be a new bird for me, having just moved here, but it doesn't strike me as a House due to the facial markings. Granted the light isn't very friendly here, and as much as I would love my first Purple Finch to actually be....well...purple, I figured I wanted to at least get it IDd correctly even if it isn't a male with nice coloring.

    Thank you!



  6. Fort Stevens State Park - Parking area D, August 1, 2021. I initially pegged as a Whimbrel because in the photo the bill looks like it's got a curve to it, but it was flagged on eBird, so assuming that is incorrect now. There have been Long-billed and Short-billed Dowitcher out there, but only a single Short-billed, and that would be a life bird for me. Because I haven't ever seen the short, I'm hesitant to call it. Or is it something completely different I'm missing?

    I was having a moment where I spotted an American Avocet, which is rare for this area, but as I just moved from Wyoming, I keep having a bit of a chuckle that birds I know as common aren't here. A gal walked along and scattered all of the birds, before coming back and asking me where the ocean was....so these are the only two shots I got of it.

    Thank you!




  7. Today I moved from WY to OR, and my first question is: does anyone recommend a gull book, though I did manage to get lifer today in the much easier to recognize Heerman's Gulls. Second is does anyone recommend a good peep book? By Audubon board gifted me with an Amazon gift card for my bon voyage present, and I'm thinking some bird books are in order.

    I was at Ft Stevens State Park - Parking Area D - when the tide was going out and some nice plovers showed up, followed by a lot of little sandpipers that I've taken a stab at identifying, but I would like to confirm on some. There are three others that I'm down to "I don't know and I start a new job at 8:00 am and I'm wiped out from driving from WY yesterday...." so help is appreciated. 😄

    Thank you!

    Western Sandpiper for both A and B





    C & D Sanderling





    E Least on the left, Semipalmated on the right


    F Least


    G Unknown


    H Unknown (Semipalmated?)


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  8. May 29th, Bowdoin NWR in north Montana (If you have never been there and can, GO!) I'm trying to get better at sandpiper ID, but I still get it wrong half the time anyway. Any tips for what you are using to ID is hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    1. There are some medium sized and a couple of smaller, in addition to the Wilson's Phalarope




    2. Wilson's Phalarope and.....




    3. This one is really intriguing me. I thought a singular Long-billed Dowitcher at the distance I was seeing it from, based on size - bigger than Phalaropes, smaller than the Godwits - they do get Short-billed here too, which would be a lifer for me, but the orange coloring on the face is a puzzler for me.

    Suggested: Stilt Sandpiper





    5. I've had a suggestion of Sanderling








  9. From the James Kipp Rec Area in central MT today, I could hear Western Wood-pewee and Least, but this one was doing a "WIT" call and hearing all three calls and seeing what looks like 3-4 species really made me doubt even worse than usual my flycatcher ID skills. Help is appreciated.








    4. This one I think was the Western Wood-Pewee, which I'm usually very clear on



    This one is a grassland bird from south of Malta MT. At a glance I thought it was a Vesper Sparrow. From the side it looks like it has the light russet on the shoulders, but the super dark bill is throwing me off.






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