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  1. 10 minutes ago, blackburnian said:

    I’ve only seen Dusky on a few occasion so am not terribly confident and additionally, too lazy to get a field guide at the moment.

    I have to admit, I laughed! I have a library in the back of my car, if I wanted to go out and get it, only I know all of the flycatchers in it would still look the same...:P

    Willow, Least, Least, I think is the general consensus so far....

  2. May 12th, 2018, taken on our Spring Bird Count, and originally IDd as Dusky Flycatchers, and I'm almost as bad with flycatchers as I am with scaup and gulls. And sandpipers. And yellowlegs. Anyway, I digress. And no, unfortunately these were taken before I set on a mission to learn Flycatchers better by ear. Which really hasn't worked yet, but I'm trying.

    I hope everyone is doing well. Here in WY I was lucky, I got just over two weeks off paid before they figured out how to get me sort of working remote. We are also not on a lock down and have a lot of space to socially isolate, so I managed to get two SEOW surveys done, actually found owls for once, and went around looking for some early migrants like Sagebrush Sparrows. Things are scary out there right now though so those of you in worse situations, stay healthy.

    The first three are, I believe the same bird, Sheridan, WY near Little Goose Creek in town. Least instead of Dusky?









    Two possible different birds at the South Park Natural Area south of Sheridan and also along Little Goose Creek.






  3. February 29, 2020, up in Montana looking for and finding Snowy Owls (Yeah!) and enjoying Ft Peck dam and surrounding areas, I found a one of these things is not like the others, I think, in the river area east of the dam. Four of the ducks are Redheads. The duck at 9:00 is I believe a Scaup, it has the coloring though I'm not 100% sure it's not just the light and shading. The rounder head and lower posture made me think it was a Greater. It's "rare" but I haven't gotten anything from the reviewer one way or the other yet. I'm notoriously bad about Scaups, because most of what I see are Lesser. Thoughts?

    Thank you!



  4. Spotted (pun intended) September 8, 2015, back when I was still a wee new birder, at Rowe Audubon Sanctuary along the Platte in southern Nebraska. It stayed in the brush, and I never got a great look or shot of it from the side, but from what I could see, it just didn't have the speckling we see a lot of our west. The range is definitely Spotted territory, but Eastern can be found into southern Nebraska along the Platte. It's been calmly sitting in eBird for over four years and someone must have flagged it recently because it popped into my unconfirmed photos. I don't mind changing it to Spotted, but I'm not seeing it. I appreciate second opinions, as well as third and fourth!

    Thank you,





  5. I hear tell that I get a better response to these requests if I just keep each post to one bird or type of bird, so here goes. I feel a little spammy but I hope you forgive some good lord it's still snowing in Wyoming and I haven't left the house in days bird ID clean up.

    Taken August 18th, 2019 at Hutton Lake NWR south of Laramie WY. I IDd in the field as Forster's Tern due in part to the fact that during the summer they nest there in profusion along with White-faced Ibis. After some consideration, the eBird reviewer (who was with me at the time) got to contemplating that it was a Common Tern. Common Terns are, uh, uncommon in WY but in August it could be a possible migrant.

    I realize these are not great shots, but I thought I would throw them out for further opinions.

    Much obliged!

    We agreed these two are Forster's:








  6. Taken May 12th, 2019, at Goldeneye/Burlington Reservoir, west of Casper, WY. There had been reports of at least one Short-billed Dowitcher in the mix, but every time I try to work out any possible differences, I'm at a bit of a loss. Long-billed are the norm out here. Recent posts on various facebook bird groups made me get them out and look again, with the same results. I'm wondering if anyone else can spot something I don't have the skills to work out, and find a Short-billed in the photos. If so, what markers?

    Thank you!































    About the time I think one or the other has slightly different characteristics, I talk myself out of it by finding more similarities. Probably just wishful thinking on my part. Thank you again!

  7. Thanks all! To be honest, I've posted a few times with just a bird or two and sometimes don't even get a response. I wondered if maybe people see the title or one bird and think they don't know gulls, or flycatchers, and just move on without even looking sometimes. I know with my limited skills in those areas, I would. I've had better luck with a larger bunch of birds to ID in general than just one or two. But I'll take that into account next time. I will dig through the answers and see if I can tweak the IDs a bit more. Again, many thanks! I've been working six days a week, and that's taken a lot of steam out of birding all summer, and I just don't feel as sharp, so I appreciate your input all the more.

  8. 6 minutes ago, Melierax said:

    That's a lot of birds :classic_blink:


    LOL, if it helps, I have 9,252 photos in eBird, and have only been birding since 2013. It's really helped me with comparisons, and also because my older eyes are just not very good at seeing things up in the trees and so on. And of those 9k photos, right now I only need help with this many! Whew!


    Thank you, I'll go make some corrections and ponder a bit more on those that seem to be good! I really do appreciate it!

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  9. I've had a few bird photos that I seem to have misidentified on eBird, and they've been flagged as unconfirmed. Even a few that the eBird reviewer and I have already reviewed again and confirmed again. Most I'm just struggling with and I've been working six days a week, my head is spinning, so I thought I would go to ask the audience and see if anyone had any other opinions or help to offer. It is much appreciated!


    1) I IDd as Song Sparrow. It was taken two weeks ago at 7500 feet in the Bighorn Mountains, eastern side, Hunters Creek area.



    2) July 5th, 2019 Taken along Little Firehole, WY south of Rock Springs. There is a little tiny canyon along a road that boasts Virginia's Warblers. The song was spot on for a VIWA, but I'm wondering if the photo is actually a Yellow Warbler upon closer review.




    3 ) July 3, 2019 - Baby Lakes trail/meadow in the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest, south central WY. 8800' in elevation. There were a few swallow like birds flying over head, but not close enough or in the trees to see what. Found this call on a nest, and thought Tree Sparrow. Maybe not?



    4) July 1, 2019, Hutton Lake NWR, south of Laramie, WY. Baird's Sandpiper, but admittedly, the sandpipers (and flycatchers and gulls) are my nemesis for ID it seems.




    5) June 1, 2019, Sheridan, WY along Little Goose Creek. Lack of eye ring and typical behavior of a Western Wood Pewee, but I guess not correct there either. It really has too much white on the wing bar, and maybe the eye ring is just faint, possible Least?




    6) May 11, 2019, Scott Bicentennial Park - Dayton WY, I had it down for a Northern Rough-winged Swallow. There were two groups of swallows, and this one was high up in the tree so the light was a little tricky. Bank maybe, by the chest patch?



    7) a, b, c, d, e - back to the peeps, April 24, 2019, Salt Plains NWR in OK. I put all in is Baird.














    8 ) and back to flycatchers. These are the three I'm fairly sure my eBird reviewer (one I know for sure) has already cleared.

    June 5, 2018, Brinton Rd in Bighorn WY.







    9) August 30, 2018, Sheridan, WY, Little Goose Creek. eBird reviewer says the eye ring should be good for a Least Flycatcher, but someone has gone in and unconfirmed it no less than three times. I would love to know what they think it is. Since I can't get that, I want to know what you think it is!



    10) a, b, c Tom Thorn/Beth Williams WHMA, WY, which is sort of in the middle of nowhere, a great little riparian area in the forest, but not super high elevation. I don't know why these sparrows are kicking my butt here. The eye line I think should be Chipping, or maybe White Crowned, but that doesn't fit the chest speckling. Aug 18, 2018. Then obviously we might have two different species here.





    It could just be they were fledglings and the speckling is throwing me off.



    c) because I think I originally went with White Crowned, got unconfirmed, went with Chipping, got unconfirmed...



    11) Finally, what I originally IDd as a Ruby-crowned Kinglet due to the size, yellow coloring, white eye-ring, by beak looks to be some kind of vireo instead. We get Red-eyed and Warbling, but this one doesn't fit that really, so I thought I better be sure and ask for advice.



    I have to admit, it is sometimes discouraging to know I'm wrong and not be able to put my finger on what it is I'm looking at, quite clearly. I guess if .01% of what I put in eBird I misidentify, I'm probably doing pretty good, but my OCD doesn't allow for that.

    Thanks again in advance, any IDs I get here will help me with accurate data, and I appreciate it!


  10. Visiting my home state of Oklahoma for birdin....er a wedding, and I've got a few birds I'd like to confirm check the ID on or need help with. I may have been born here and grown up here, but I'm out of my birding element for sure, not having done it when I used to live here. These were all taken at the Salt Plains NWR, the peeps out on Sandpiper Trail, the warblers ? on a woods/lakeside trail up in the trees, Eagle Roost Trail.

    eBird tells me the warblers that should be here right now are: Black-and-white, Yellow, Prothonotary, Orange-crowned, Nashville, Yellow-rumped, Wilson's, Common Yellowthroat and Northern Parula. But as we know, during migration all bets are off.

    The first one I'm leaning toward Orange-crowned, with the full yellow underside and the faint eye line. But the possible streaking also brings to mind Palm.




    2. Lack of any coloring or streaking, I was wondering Lucy's, but the faint eye line and no eye ring...maybe I'm looking at something that's not a warbler,  though the tail tells me otherwise...



    Finally, two peeps that are likely either Baird's or Least, but I'd like to rule out White-rumped (which I've never seen before) or the remote chance of a Western.






    Well, darn it, it's raining today, so do I go hang out with relatives or go get soaked and bird anyway? I think we all know the answer....thank you in advance for assistance! T

  11. LOL Thanks for the back up on the WWPW, I sure wish when someone flags your photos as not what you think that they could attach a notice and email about what they think it is and why. Otherwise it ends up being sort of a head scratcher sometimes. We have some amazing eBird reviewers, but being in the least populated state seem to suffer in backlog as we have very few of them. Whenever something pops up months later suddenly unconfirmed I try to figure it out myself instead of waiting. Flycatchers though, ugh!

    Other emphids we get here, we get Dusky but usually only in spring (May) and fall (Sept). Least and WWPW all summer. Cordilleran up in elevation a bit west of here in the summer and down below in late spring. Also Willow and Hammonds in spring and early summer, with a very occasional Olive Sided.

    Thank you for the comments!

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