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  1. The first bird is House Finch and the second is a House Sparrow
  2. Agree with what has been said by @SirVive for the Common Raven. The first bird looks like a Gray Catbird to me.
  3. 1-2. Not Certain, but Mountain Bluebird seems like a good option 3. Bill looks too thick to be a thrush sp. so more likely a juvenile sparrow sp. 4. Yes, Hermit Thrush. Note the reddish tinge on tail to separate from other Thrush sp. 5-6. Yes, Western Tanager
  4. 1. Yes, Black-headed Grosbeak (male) 2. Yes, probably a domesticated Mallard
  5. Yes, I would call this a Warbling Vireo. Note the absence of yellow concentration in the throat along with a lighter eyeline as you have just mentioned.
  6. Least Bittern is correct Edit: I actually did not even give Green Heron much consideration. I think it is Least Bittern, but definitely wait for more opinions.
  7. I think this looks better for a Townsend's Solitaire.
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