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  1. Never mind about waiting for more opinions. @akandula is correct.
  2. Agree with Purple Gallinule. The fourth image looks good for a Northern Rough-Winged Swallow but wait for more opinions.
  3. The second two photos definitely look like an Osprey. The first photo does not seem like a Great Blue Heron, but I am not certain on any ID.
  4. Another gull photo I am having trouble with. I am not even sure if the bird can be ID'd. It was very far out on the Delaware River in Delaware County PA so the pictures are pretty bad.
  5. Here are some cropped versions of the photos.
  6. Thanks for letting me know. I will try to fix that.
  7. I saw this Gull early in the morning March 26, today, in Delaware County behind the Philadelphia Airport on the Delaware River. I am having trouble getting an ID since the bird was so distant and the black bill is throwing me off. Any help would be greatly appreciated! (both pictures are of the same individual)
  8. Looks like a Pine Warbler to me. Wait for more opinions.
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