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  1. Found in Northern Arizona (Navajo County) in a small town called Joseph City
  2. Here are a few of the original photos cropped to show the individual better. I realize that the image quality is not ideal.
  3. Had this sapsucker this morning in Joseph City AZ (Navajo County). Both Red-naped and Yellow-bellied have been reported in the county, but Yellow-bellied is far less frequently found. I’ve attached all the photos I was able to take. Thanks for the help!
  4. Looks good for a Snow Goose to me as well with that larger bill and grin patch. Size isn't a terribly reliable field mark, but I would expect a Ross's Goose to appear smaller next to Greater White-fronted Geese.
  5. 1. House Sparrow 2. White-throated Sparrow 3. White-throated Sparrow 4. Song Sparrow
  6. Yes, looks good for Black-throated Blue Warbler
  7. This is actually a female Red-winged Blackbird
  8. I always have trouble telling apart female/immature Wilson’s Warblers and Hooded Warblers. How are we separating this individual? I think I am seeing white outer tail feathers and feel more inclined to choose Hooded for this individual. Is the all black bill a distinguishing factor as well?
  9. Yeah, White-throated was my thought as well
  10. If this is a Gilded Flicker it would be a first county record for Navajo County. Northern Flickers on the other hand are very common in the area. Navajo County is severely under-birded, but I don’t know that I would base an ID off of this photo alone.
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