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  1. Looks good for a Yellow-rumped Warbler
  2. Agreed on all. Looks good for Western Sandpipers in the first sandpiper photo.
  3. Looks fine for a Great Black-backed Gull to me. Bill is larger than I would expect for a Lesser Black-backed Gull and back just slightly darker. There is also not a noticeable size difference between the two birds in the comparison photo, a Lesser Black-backed Gull would be significantly smaller than a Great Black-backed. The legs are tinged yellow, but I would expect more bright yellow to conclude Lesser Black-backed Gull, especially when the individual has a clean unstreaked head.
  4. I'm also leaning Greater Scaup for the first individual and Lesser for the rest
  5. Why not Hammond’s Flycatcher? This bird’s bill looks tiny
  6. Found in Northern Arizona (Navajo County) in a small town called Joseph City
  7. Here are a few of the original photos cropped to show the individual better. I realize that the image quality is not ideal.
  8. Had this sapsucker this morning in Joseph City AZ (Navajo County). Both Red-naped and Yellow-bellied have been reported in the county, but Yellow-bellied is far less frequently found. I’ve attached all the photos I was able to take. Thanks for the help!
  9. Looks good for a Snow Goose to me as well with that larger bill and grin patch. Size isn't a terribly reliable field mark, but I would expect a Ross's Goose to appear smaller next to Greater White-fronted Geese.
  10. 1. House Sparrow 2. White-throated Sparrow 3. White-throated Sparrow 4. Song Sparrow
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