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  1. Gray Catbird is something else that came to my mind
  2. The second sparrow is also visible in the bottom of the last photo, but I don’t know that I feel comfortable calling it Lincoln’s for certain.
  3. Bay-breasted was my first thought as well
  4. Looks good for a Song Sparrow to me as well
  5. For the future, flycatchers have thin seed-like bills. Just by Bill shape you can be certain that this individual is not a flycatcher. However, this bird’s conical Bill strongly suggests a goldfinch. You can learn a lot about birds from the shape of their bill.
  6. This individual’s breast is too dark gray to be a Lincoln’s Sparrow. There is no buffy coloration on the breast or face.
  7. Some birds will stay in an area beyond the expected time. It is not too unusual to see a late straggler. I agree, this is a Yellow Warbler
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