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  1. Looks good for Eastern Wood-Pewee to me
  2. Saw these gulls in Navajo County AZ yesterday. The gulls were far out on a lake, hanging around an exposed sandbar with multiple Caspian Terns. Lots of good migrants had been pushed in by a large storm we had. I am wondering if these photos are enough to ID one or both of the gulls. I feel like they are too large (using the Caspian Tern for size reference) and dark to be Ring-billed and I currently think California Gull is a good option. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!
  3. There appear to be multiple species in the first group, so I will do my best to identify by each image. 1. Orange-crowned Warbler 2. Warbling Vireo 3-4. Gray Flycatcher (?) 5-6. Warbling Vireo 7. Not sure 8-10. Yellow Warbler 11. This looks like a separate individual, maybe Orange-crowned Warbler (?) 12-14. Yellow Warbler 15. Mallard
  4. Correct! First two photos are of a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher and the last three are of a Red-eyed Vireo.
  5. This looks like a Brewer’s Sparrow to me
  6. This looks like a Gray Flycatcher to me, but wait for more opinions.
  7. Yes, your most recent image is of a Yellow Warbler. As for the sex of the Prairie Warbler, it looks to be a female or immature individual but I am not certain which.
  8. Sorry, Tony is definitely right. I didn’t read the description and only paid attention to the birds in the front of the photo
  9. Yes, this is a Swainson’s Thrush. Note the Buffy eyering
  10. This looks better for a Red-eyed Vireo. Note the bill, thicker than that of a Palm Warbler, the green back, the white belly, and the dark cap and eyeline, contrasting with the pale supercilium. Also note the blue legs, all vireos have blue legs
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