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  1. Saw these gulls in Navajo County AZ yesterday. The gulls were far out on a lake, hanging around an exposed sandbar with multiple Caspian Terns. Lots of good migrants had been pushed in by a large storm we had. I am wondering if these photos are enough to ID one or both of the gulls. I feel like they are too large (using the Caspian Tern for size reference) and dark to be Ring-billed and I currently think California Gull is a good option. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!FA7E5796-EBD1-4F84-BF3B-4BE2A8AE5E3B.thumb.jpeg.fe74a71cd6a16e0c4758d0b99b5de7e5.jpegAF1912C8-12AB-4B24-BC0C-BA374F805855.thumb.jpeg.ef9821bf6fc9cce1cb24513088725954.jpegDD0D2AFD-0A97-4F06-A1E2-60CE289EEA61.thumb.jpeg.45df65b393e73195c1944993aa2df7bf.jpeg9EE3D20B-28E0-4579-907B-C85FF4BBA692.jpeg.4bc13e85cc94993925d8bc8fdbf517bd.jpeg66C76A67-D25E-4963-A017-8BC78B3867FF.jpeg.574fdcd115f0808d21de18ba2fbe1e4d.jpegE7844E68-AAF5-4D3D-A550-9A8A77159FC9.jpeg.cdd256d944b4fc56bc969dadabc7ee75.jpeg

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