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  1. Is this a Ring-billed Gull? From Navajo County AZ today. These are all of my photos.
  2. Olive-sided seems like a reasonable option, but I don’t feel entirely confident from this photo alone. The Sparrow looks like a Vesper Sparrow.
  3. No, looking back I definitely agree with Hooded.
  4. These look better for Oriole species. I am thinking Bullock’s but wait for further input.
  5. I agree with @The Bird Nuts. I am having trouble seeing this as a Carolina Wren
  6. Yes, this is a Warbling Vireo. I believe that all Vireos have blue legs.
  7. My first thought for these two would be Eastern Phoebe. Wait for further opinions though https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Eastern_Phoebe/id
  8. Agree with Blue Jay. I am fairly certain that Blue Jays are not sexually dimorphic.
  9. These photos were all taken yesterday in Navajo County, AZ. It was very windy and the lighting was far less than exceptional, so I apologize for the poor pictures. Any help would be greatly appreciated, but I understand fully if some of these birds are not possible to ID! 1. Green-winged Teal or Gadwall? 2. Gadwall or Mallard with Ruddy Ducks? 3. Northern Pintail? 4. Gadwall in back? No real idea on closer pair 5. Northern Pintail in front with Teals in the back? 6. Northern Pintail in front? Not really concerned about background birds 7. American Coots and Gadwall?
  10. Welcome to Whatbird! Your description and video seem very similar to the Common Nighthawk. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Common_Nighthawk/id
  11. Yes, this is an Osprey! I am not certain about age, but the pale tips on this individual’s feathers lead me to think that this is a juvenile. Wait for further input about age
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