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  1. Now that I take another look, yes there are two types! The Turkey Vultures (aptly named I see) have red around the head and the feathers are mixed colors, whereas the Black Vultures are almost all black, with grey around the head and white under the wing which can be seen when flying. I'm fascinated; I didn't know they flocked together. (Now comes further investigation of the big question - what are they doing back there ?) You learn something new every day...thank you everyone!
  2. Ok, they returned and I was able to snap some photos. They do look like Black Vultures. My binoculars were mistaken ? but the camera doesn't lie! They are bold; let me get very close. Experts, what say you? Black Vultures?
  3. This does look similar. "Slightly smaller than a turkey vulture" would fit. Perhaps some Black Vultures have circular patches around the eyes. Oh well, maybe they'll come back so that I can get a picture. Thanks to all for your help!
  4. I did look up turkey vultures and other vultures, as we originally thought that's what they were. These had no red coloring on them. The unique feature was a very large brown circular patch around the eye, covering most of the side of the head. I'm unable to find any birds at all that have that feature! Baffled in NJ...
  5. They were focused on the ground underneath. They seemed to be trying to get at garbage or dead animals, or whatever was there. They were much larger than grackles; they were about the size of small turkeys (but not turkeys).
  6. The beaks were pointy, fairly small, and black. The necks were short; they were not curved as vultures are (which we initially thought they were), though their bodies were vulture-shaped, not large-breasted like ducks. I believe they were horizontal, though this may have been because they were scrounging in the bushes for either garbage or something dead. Some of them were flying up from the ground, but not high or in flight, but flying up but then back down, as they were focusing on something in the foliage. Unfortunately I didn't see them take off when they left.
  7. Hello all, My husband and I saw five very large black birds in a grassy area near a bush. They were black with large round brown areas on the sides of their heads, around their eyes. The brown areas were similar to an owl's (but that is the extent of the similarity to owls). They were about the size of small vultures. They seem to be scrounging for some garbage. We saw them well with our binoculars but unfortunately we were too far away to get any pictures. Anyone have any ideas?
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