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  1. Thanks Jerry! I think that might be it, the Chukar. There are farms and homes at the base of the mountain probably a mile or two away. I didn't see it again today. I thought it was strange how close the bird allowed me to get, which may explained by it being from a farm. Chukar! Very exciting.. Going to look more up about them. It didn't really walk a lot, took a few steps.. but did hop a few times up onto a fallen tree and then onto nearby fallen branches.
  2. Thanks so much! I don't think either of those are right but could be. The body was just plain light grey and fatter than those. Maybe I'll see it again today on the trail! Looking up all the different types of birds was fun. Maybe I'll start a new hobby
  3. What large bird has a dark Zorro mask around its eyes, red eyes, reddish orange hooked bill, light grey roundish body, muted yellow and dark grey wing design. It didn't fly just was hopping along the ridge of a mountain trail. Maybe a pigeon or a young hawk? About twelve inches from head to tail. I can't seem to find it online. The mask was distinctive, very pretty!
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