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  1. Bummer I didn't get a new lifer. But I don't see Plovers much and am happy no matter what kind it is. BTW, I did get fuzzy pics of the feet, but they were mud covered. Semipalmated Plover it is then. Thanks everyone.
  2. I'm 95 percent certain this is a Common Ringed Plover. But because it would be a new lifer bird for me, I thought I'd double check here first before I made that claim. It was seen with a dozen others this afternoon at DeSoto NWR in western Iowa.
  3. Seen this afternoon at DeSoto NWR in western Iowa. The bird with it's butt facing the camera is a Pectoral Sandpiper. But what's the shorebird walking past? Initially I thought it was a Lesser Yellowlegs. There were lots of those at this pond today. But the legs look greenish to me.
  4. I assume they're sandpipers, and also assume all 3 are the same kind. They were seen this afternoon at DeSoto NWR in western Iowa.
  5. I forgot how to edit my post, but forgot to add my guess(es). I'm leaning toward either Baird's Sandpiper, or Sanderling. Both have been seen at this location before.
  6. Seen yesterday afternoon at DeSoto NWR near Missouri Valley, IA. Are these Sandpipers? The first two pics are the same bird. The third pic was seen about an hour later and two miles away.
  7. I saw about 25 Ibis this afternoon in NW Missouri. Are these White-faced or Glossy?
  8. After seeing this gutsy (or dumb) hawk try to knock an adult Bald Eagle off his perch, he landed just a few trees away feeling pretty proud of himself. Was this an immature Red-tailed Hawk? Pics taken this morning in NW Missouri.
  9. Two of the 3 similar looking geese seen yesterday at Red Rock Dam, SW of Des Moines, Iowa. The 3rd goose is just out of frame. These appear to me like Greylag geese, but I understand it would be exceedingly rare for a "European" goose to be seen in the midwest. So what would be the proper way to label these geese? Domestic geese? Domestic Greylag geese?
  10. Thanks for the ID help Birding Boy and Charlie Spencer.
  11. I saw this bird yesterday afternoon in western Iowa. I initially thought it was an immature American Robin. But now I wonder if it isn't some kind of Thrush? A little smaller than a typical Robin but larger than a typical Sparrow.
  12. I saw this Rough-legged hawk (RLHA) this afternoon in Mills Co., Iowa. I'm leaning towards light morph adult female, but I have difficulty sexing them by plumage. Eye color is throwing me off too, as to whether it's an adult or immature. They appear light greenish gray, but the sky was dark and overcast so the color may not be that accurate.
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