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  1. Seen two days ago south of Council Bluffs, IA. Is this a juvenile Brown-headed Cowbird?
  2. Looks like species first, followed by "descriptors" like Red-tailed Hawk (Western), adult, dark morph, male, etc. But even if I do it this way, is it species, then subspecies? I think it looks (and sounds) much better to say Western Red-tailed Hawk, instead of Red-tailed Hawk, Western, etc. I realize it probably doesn't matter and most people probably don't even care. But to feed my OCD...
  3. Sorry for the vague title. When listing a specific bird in say, a photo caption, what is the "proper" order, if there is one? Is it species, then age, sex, morph, etc? For example; Adult, light morph, Western RTHA. Or Red-tailed Hawk (Western), light morph, adult, male. Etc. The possibilities are endless. I suppose I could list the bird description in any order I choose, as long as I'm consistent. But if there's a "correct" way, I'd rather use that.
  4. Unfortunately, I gave up on Facebook a few years ago. Although not always as responsive as I'd like, I've always had great success with this website.
  5. The bird was seen south of Council Bluffs, IA, in October last year. I doesn't look like the typical Eastern ssp that's prevalent in my area. It appears to "buffy". Definitely not a Harlan's. I'm torn between a Western or Northern ssp. I don't have any pics of the upper side of the bird's tail. I apologize if I've posted these pics for ID here before, but I searched for previous posts and didn't see them.
  6. Thank you for the links Jerry. Although I had both of them bookmarked already, and have referred to them often, you wouldn't think so. I still have difficulty telling apart immature/juvenile Harlan's and Western RTHAs when they migrate through my area every fall/winter. The implication of an intergrade between the already difficult (for me) to differentiate pair, just gives me nightmares. Anyone else care to give it a go? I'd really appreciate a consensus. and as a heads up, I have many many more examples collected over the years that remain undefined, that I'll be pestering you smarter-than-me folks in the near future. I hate having my website/database littered with "undetermined" RTHA pics--especially the "dark" birds.
  7. Pics taken south of Council Bluffs, IA, in March last year. I know it's an immature RTHA, but what sub-species? Light morph Harlan's maybe? It's nothing like the Eastern RTHAs I'm used to seeing.
  8. Pics taken in Omaha, NE, in October 2019. Is this a Cooper's Hawk or a Sharp-shinned Hawk?
  9. Thanks folks. If it's a Philadelphia Vireo, It'll be a new Lifer bird for me--No. 210.
  10. Seen in eastern Nebraska back in May 2016.
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