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  1. This little guy was seen in NW Missouri last Wednesday. Is it a Swamp Sparrow?
  2. Photographed in Council Bluffs Iowa in September 2021. Is this tiny gull, dwarfed by the nearby Ring-billed Gulls, a Bonaparte's Gull?
  3. Pic was taken in Spring in central California. I assume it was a wren. I only got two pics, and this is by far the better one. I'm in Nebraska, so I'm not familiar with those western birds.
  4. Forgive me if I've posted these pics before--my memory isn't great. The photos were taken in NW Missouri in October 2020. Is this a Henslow's Sparrow?
  5. Image taken in eastern Nebraska in August. I know this is a male wood duck. But is it an immature male molting into it's adult feathers? Or is it an adult male in its post breeding cycle eclipse plumage?
  6. More specifically, what is the large gull towering over the Forster's? Terns? Pic was taken several years ago in Augist in western Iowa.
  7. I assume it's a sandpiper. But which one? Shots are several years old, taken in August in western Iowa.
  8. They were seen in western Iowa in September 2017. I'm leaning toward some kind of flycatcher. But can you really determine Alder, Acadian, etc. at this stage? I think Eastern Wood Peewee is the most prevalent in this area. At least that's what I see the most.
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