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  1. Is the duck in front of the two American Coot a female/immature male Green-winged Teal? There were several seen today at Loess Bluffs NWR in N W Missouri. I didn't see any adult males, unless they all look like this in the Fall.
  2. Let me know if this one should be in a new thread. Taken today, about 5 miles away from yesterday's Harlan's. Is this one also a dark morph Harlan's? Taken under dark overcast skies, so original pic was severely underexposed, then brightened in post.
  3. This Harlan's was seen earlier the same day about 10 miles away. I would definitely call this one a dark morph. But let me see if I understand the differences--It's how dark those markings are, not how much of the bird is covered in those markings? Am I oversimplifying?
  4. FYI, the images were taken in mid afternoon and were slightly under-exposed. They were "brightened" in post production, particularly to show detail lost in the dark shadows.
  5. Seen this afternoon in NW Missouri. Is this a light morph Harlan's Red-tailed Hawk?
  6. This small raptor flew past as I was photographing an eagle perched in a tree. Heavily cropped and underexposed -- camera settings were for a large perched bird, not an unexpected small bird flypast. Pics were taken today in NW Missouri.
  7. Seen last Monday in NW Missouri. There were lots of White-crowned and Song Sparrows, but these were the only two pics I captured of this particular Sparrow. Any idea what kind it is?
  8. Thank you. This one was actually correctly identified in my archives--but I did remove a bunch of Nashville Warbler pics that were incorrectly grouped in with it. Thanks for helping me clean up my act (I mean files).
  9. Going through my archives and weeding out misidentified birds and ran across this one. It was seen in Rapids City, Illinois back in May 2017. What kind of Vireo was this?
  10. Because of the Nashville Warbler ID I got here earlier today, I went back though my archives to pull these pics. I believe I probably misidentified them as well (I'm too embarrassed to say what I though they were). Pics were taken at DeSoto NWR, western Iowa, back in September 2020. Were these Nashville Warblers?
  11. Thank you. That explains why they don't show up when I play Cornell Labs recordings of (Sooty) Fox Sparrows).
  12. Seen yesterday at DeSoto NWR, near Missouri Valley, Iowa. I'm pretty sure this is a Fox Sparrow. Only the 2nd one I've ever seen. Is it a Red or Sooty subspecies of Fox Sparrow?
  13. Seen yesterday at DeSoto NWR, near Missouri Valley, Iowa. Is this a Blue-headed Vireo?
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