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  1. I'm sure you're right. I have seen Great Tailed Grackles in the area before, but definitely not as plentiful as Common Grackles. Plus I didn't notice the most obvious feature--Crows don't have yellow eyes. I feel like a dummy on this one.
  2. When I took this pic yesterday in NW Missouri, I thought this was a Common Grackle. Looking at this pic on my PC, the bill looks much too thick for a Grackle. Is this a Crow?
  3. So, if I understand correctly...both are first year males with the one on the right being slightly older and/or further along in the molting process?
  4. Seen this afternoon at DeSoto NWR near Missouri Valley, IA. There were a pair chasing each other around. Although I played recorded Nashville Warbler calls, they were ignored. I'm hoping that's what this was. It'd be a Lifer and make no. 205 for me.
  5. Seen this afternoon north of Omaha, NE. I believe both of these American Goldfinches are molting adults. Or at least molting into adult plumage. Is the lower bird more yellow because it is simply further along in the molting process? Or is the lower bird a male and the other a female?
  6. Both seen yesterday afternoon south of Council Bluffs IA. I think the 1st one is a LIncoln's Sparrow and the 2nd is a Song Sparrow. Am I correct?
  7. Still in NW Missouri, last Thursday. Same day, but 20 miles away from the Eastern Phoebe I posted yesterday. It might be the lighting--yesterday's was in direct sunlight while this one is perched in the shade. Only the belly on yesterday's post seemed yellow, but this one looks like the entire chest and belly are yellow. Difference in age, or just a trick of the light? Still an Eastern Phoebe?
  8. Seen on Thursday in NW Missouri. I know this is an immature Wren. My instincts tell me it's a House Wren. But because I saw an adult Carolina Wren in the same area only moments earlier, I wonder if it might be an immature Carolina Wren.
  9. Seen on Thursday in NW Missouri. Sorry, so backside view or better angle on the wing bars. The 4th pics is the best side view I could get before it flew away.
  10. I saw this Red-tailed Hawk in NW Missouri on Wednesday morning. The nearly all white head, the amount of white speckling on the wings, and white at the base of the tail, all lead me to think this is a Krider's RTHA. Am I correct?
  11. I saw this hawk late this afternoon at Loess Bluffs NWR in NW Missouri. It was significantly smaller than most RTHA I've seen by at least a third. It's also clearly much slimmer and much less "bulky" than RTHAs I'me used to seeing.
  12. Seen in DeSoto National Wildlife Reserve, western IA, this afternoon. Are these (including the chunky one) Semipalmated Sandpipers?
  13. Seen in DeSoto National Wildlife Reserve, western IA, this afternoon. This is the only angle I was able to capture.
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