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  1. This bird was photographed in NW missouri last week. Is it an adult female or an immature male?
  2. Unfortunately this is the best photo I managed to get. It's heavily cropped, and was never in focus to begin with. The other shots of it are even more out of focus.
  3. Seen 2 weeks ago in NW Missouri. Could this be a Wurdemann's Great Blue Heron?
  4. No pinkish red skin between the bill and the eye, eye appears black, not red, legs appear darkish, but not redish. That's why I'm still thinking Glossy.
  5. Updating (correcting) my archives, again. I placed this image in the White-faced Ibis folder, but I think it's actually a Glossy Ibis. Photo was taken in October 2022 at Loess Bluffs NWR in NW Missouri.
  6. I didn't either. Apparently they only display it when there's a predator nearby and/or they feel threatened
  7. I'm sure you're right. I did photograph a Swainson's a few days earlier on the other side of the lake. What threw me was the Merlin App heard two different thrushes. Regrettably, I deleted that file, so can't recall what two thrushes were suggested by Merlin, but I definitely remember that Swainson's wasn't one of them.
  8. Seen yesterday at Lake Manawa in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Both images were taken a few minutes apart in the same area. But I'm not certain if they're both the same bird.
  9. Seen today in my Bellevue, NE, backyard. Initially thought it was a Yellow-rumped. Now i'm thinking Chestnut-sided? It's be a lifer if it was. These are the only two images I managed to capture.
  10. Seen today at Lake Manawa in Council Bluffs Iowa. Is this a female Common Yellowthroat?
  11. What are the "other" shorebirds seen here that are not Wilson's Phalaropes? Image was taken last week in NW Missouri.
  12. Is the bird in between the Wilson's Phalarope and Lesser Yellowlegs, a Pectoral Sandpiper. Image taken last week at Loess Bluufs NWR, NW Missouri
  13. Is the smaller bird left of the Wilson's Phalarope a Least Sandpiper? Pic taken last week at Loess Bluffs NWR, NW Missouri.
  14. Thank you. These would be my first Dunlins then. Yeah, a new Lifer!
  15. Pics taken in NW Missouri last week. What are these two shorebirds? If they're both the same, is the difference in color due to breeding vs. non-breeding plumage? I have no frontal shots of the bird on the right.
  16. I'm assuming they're Sandpipers. Images were taken in April 2020 in NW Missouri.
  17. Seen last week at Lake Manawa, Council Bluffs, IA. Is this a non-breeding adult Pectoral Sandpiper? I have other pics but they're also side on, and equally low quality.
  18. Seen last week at Lake Manawa, Council Bluffs, IA. Is this a breeding adult Marbled Godwit?
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