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  1. Digging through the archives and ran across these pics.  I never classified this scruffy Sparrow.  I don't think it's an immature bird because it doesn't have the yellow fleshy gape (right word?).  Maybe it's scruffy looking because it recently bathed? Images were taken in NW Missouri in October last year. 



  2. I apologize if this question is inappropriate here, since it's not an identification question.  I'm struggling with which words in a two or more word bird name should or should not be capitalized.  For example, is it Yellow Warbler, or Yellow warbler?  Northern Flicker, or Northern flicker?  American Tree Sparrow, or American tree sparrow, etc.  I'm assuming (possibly incorrectly?) that the first word in the name should always be capitalized.  Not sure if this is an English language question, or a birding question.  

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  3. Just now, Jerry Friedman said:

    Actually, I'm now wondering whether it would be possible to track down the bander and whether they could identify the birds from these excellent photos, even though the band numbers aren't visible.  There can't be too many people banding this year's Red-tails in eastern Nebraska.  (I'm also wondering whether these birds were banded in the nest.)

    The band numbers are certainly visible on both birds' bands.  I'll be glad to provide those numbers here if anyone wants to pursue this further.

  4. This pair of immature RTHA were both seen in Bellevue, NE on Monday and Tuesday.  Although they're both immature birds, one is slightly older than the other (darker eyes, redder tail).  I believe these are the Eastern ssp., the dominant variant in my area during Spring and Summer.  Are they light or intermediate morph birds?  The 1st three pics are all of the younger of the two birds.  The last pic is the slightly older one.  I don't have pics of the back or tail of the older bird.





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