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  1. I had a HY female Common Yellowthroat and a AHY male Common Yellowthroat identified on here earlier today.  I'm confused over the terminology of Hatch Year and After Hatch Year..  Just as I still struggle with juvenile vs. immature birds, now I have this to contend with.  I "kind of" understand "First Summer" birds.  In that they won't be considered adults until their 2nd Summer (I think).  Take 1st Summer Orchard Orioles for example.  Wouldn't they still be considered immature?  Isn't a HY bird considered an immature bird?    

  2. Seen late this afternoon at DeSoto NWR near Missouri Valley, IA.  I'm 90 percent sure it's a Mourning Dove, but I miss obvious stuff all the time.  I don't know if the late afternoon light makes it look browner than usual?  Lately doves are everywhere, most of them seem darker than the usual medium gray Mourning Doves I'm used too.  Maybe the immature birds are darker?


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