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  1. I see RLHAs, Western RTHAs, and Harlan's RTHAs during winter in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa.  This pic was taken last February just sough of Council Bluffs, Iowa.  Other than being an adult (brown eyes), and a dark morph, I could go either way on which of the three options this bird could be.  I'd appreciate any help, and more importantly, which ID features lead you to your  conclusion.  Although I have lots of pics from this encounter, I don't think I have any showing the upper sides, especially the top side of the tail.



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  2. Two of the 3 similar looking geese seen yesterday at Red Rock Dam, SW of Des Moines, Iowa.  The 3rd goose is just out of frame.  These appear to me like Greylag geese, but I understand it would be exceedingly rare for a "European" goose to be seen in the midwest.  So what would be the proper way to label these geese?  Domestic geese?  Domestic Greylag geese?


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