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  1. I saw a family of Wood Ducks this afternoon at lake Manawa in Council Bluffs, IA.  Two were adults like this one, and two young 'uns.  In the 1st pic, I believe this is a young male, not yet in eclipse plumage.  Am I correct?  The 2nd pic shows the same "adult" and both of the little ones--couldn't get a pic with all 4 of them in frame.  The last pic shows both "adults".




  2. Seen this afternoon at DeSoto NWR near Missouri Valley, IA.  There were a pair chasing each other around.  Although I played recorded Nashville Warbler calls, they were ignored.  I'm hoping that's what this was.  It'd be a Lifer and make no. 205 for me.



  3. Still in NW Missouri, last Thursday.  Same day, but 20 miles away from the Eastern Phoebe I posted yesterday.  It might be the lighting--yesterday's was in direct sunlight while this one is perched in the shade.  Only the belly on yesterday's post seemed yellow, but this one looks like the entire chest and belly are yellow.  Difference in age, or just a trick of the light?  Still an Eastern Phoebe?



  4. I had a HY female Common Yellowthroat and a AHY male Common Yellowthroat identified on here earlier today.  I'm confused over the terminology of Hatch Year and After Hatch Year..  Just as I still struggle with juvenile vs. immature birds, now I have this to contend with.  I "kind of" understand "First Summer" birds.  In that they won't be considered adults until their 2nd Summer (I think).  Take 1st Summer Orchard Orioles for example.  Wouldn't they still be considered immature?  Isn't a HY bird considered an immature bird?    

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