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  1. Seen late this afternoon in western Iowa.  It's definitely an immature Finch and not an immature Sparrow.  Options in my area are Goldfinch (definitely not), House (likely), or Purple (never seen one).  What was odd was that it seemed to cast an orange-ish tone.  I think that's what's throwing me off.



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  2. Seen yesterday in NW Missouri.  There were about 3 dozen of them, with no clear stand-outs that would help distinguish male from female/immature.  Other than plain-ish looking dabblers, I narrowed them down to possibly Gadwall, Blue-winged Teal, or Green-winged Teal.  Because I don't know what non-breeding males of these 3 types look like, I'm left comparing female/immature--which all look the same to me. 




  3. I'm certain that this bird, seen in Western Iowa on Monday, is a Common Grackle.  I'm also 95% sure it's a male.  My question is whether it's an immature male molting into it's adult plumage?  Or is it an adult male during it's seasonal/annual molt?  Although I do see what I believe to be a fleshy gape, which would indicate an immature bird.  The fleshy gape is not yellow, like I'm used to seeing in most immature birds.



  4. I have difficulty distinguishing female Baltimore from female Orchard Orioles.  I haven't seen any Baltimore Orioles in a while--not males anyway.  What throws me off is how orange one bird is (1st and 2nd pics are the same bird) vs. how yellow the other bird is (3rd and 4th pic are the same bird).  Seen yesterday morning within about 5 minutes of each other, in western Iowa, just north of Council Bluffs.





  5. Saw this guy by himself on a power line in NW Missouri this afternoon.  This was along a rural farm road--no nearby bodies of water, that I know of.  I haven't seen any shorebirds in a couple of months.  And I've NEVER seen any kind of shorebird sit on a powerline before.  Weird.  My closest guess is a Lesser Yellowlegs.  Sorry--side, back, and underneath were the only angles I could get on this guy.




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  6. Seen today in western Iowa.  Is this an immature male Blue Grosbeak molting into adult feathers?  I saw an all blue adult male in the area yesterday, so I believe they don't molt into all blue (minus wing bars of course) every year.  Can't find any specifics on the subject in my internet search.  Would this be called a first summer male?


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