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  1. Seen this morning at DeSoto NWR in western Iowa. Color may be off since it was dark and cloudy this morning. They appeared light (ghosty--is that a word?) grey. Especially from a distance.
  2. Seen yesterday morning in NW Missouri. Minus the single Yellowlegs, are the rest of these all Dowitchers?
  3. Seen this morning in NW Missouri. Is this a Pectoral Sandpiper?
  4. Seen this morning in NW Missouri. My guess is Lesser Yellowlegs and Least Sandpiper. Just wanted to make sure I'm actually learning something from my posts here.
  5. Are these both Lesser Yellowlegs? Seen last week in NW MIssouri.
  6. Since I was going by bill length vs. head size, what other feature could I have used to make this ID? Is the Greater's bill length substantially longer?
  7. Was this a Greater Yellowlegs I saw in NW Missouri last week? Also, what's the creepy looking lobster/crab/Dr. Zoidberg thing in the background?
  8. So the two pics from 2015 were immature Semipalmated and the pic at the top of the page, from yesterday, was an adult Semipalmated? Got it. I think.
  9. Here's the only other Plover I've seen. It certainly doesn't look like the recent one posted above. These were taken in September 2015 at DeSoto NWR, IA.
  10. Is there a better perspective (back/front, etc.) that may help confirm Hudsonian vs. Marbled? I have a few more shots I could include. Unfortunately, it was cloudy, so the colors aren't as vibrant as they could be shown. Does this one help? It's the only in-flight pic that isn't blurry.
  11. This is the closest to a side shot I managed to captured. If it helps.
  12. Seen today in NW Missouri. Is this a Long-billed Dowitcher?
  13. Thanks guys! That make 3 new Lifer birds in two days. Yeah me!
  14. Wow. Thanks. Another new Lifer bird for me. That's two in two days!
  15. They arrived together, but only stayed a few moments. They are definitely larger than the Yellowlegs--the nearest "largish" shorebird nearby I could use for scale. Possibly even taller than the Avocets and Stilts I've seen over the last couple of days. Seen today in NW Missouri.
  16. The only Plover I've ever seen was a Wilson's Plover from several years ago. This doesn't look like that one. Seen today in NW Missouri.
  17. Are these three Ibis seen today in NW Missouri White-faced or Glossy?
  18. Seen today in NW Missouri. This (I assume shorebird) was the first bird I saw early this morning. I don't know how tall it is, or if its just hunkered down. It never moved from its perch on this log in a flooded roadside ditch.
  19. Seen today in NW Missouri. Among the other wading shorebirds at this muddy pond, this was a little smaller and shorter than the Yellowlegs.
  20. Seen today in NW Missouri. Among the other wading shorebirds at this muddy pond, this was the smallest. Is this a Pectoral Sandpiper?
  21. I've only seen Ibis once before (in NW Missouri) and it couldn't be determined then, for certain, if they were White-faced or Glossy because they were immature birds and/or in non-breeding plumage. This series of 4 shots of a single bird that circled me once and flew past, was seen south of Council Bluffs, Iowa, a week ago. The last pic showing 3 birds was taken in the same place, but a couple of days ago.
  22. Seen last week in a farmer's pond south of Council Bluffs, Iowa. The bird on the right (facing away from viewer) is a Wilson's Phalarope. What is the shorebird to it's left? It appears (to me) similar to a Long-billed Dowitcher you folks helped me ID from the same pond a couple of weeks ago. But the bill on this bird is much shorter than either the long, or even short-billed Dowitcher.
  23. This Sparrow was seen in western Iowa this afternoon. Is it a Savannah Sparrow?
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