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  1. They were seen this afternoon in a farmer's pond in western Iowa. They were definitely larger than Yellowlegs. Could they be some kind of Rail?
  2. Is the bird behind and to the right of the (I think) Yellowlegs a Wilson's Snipe? Seen yesterday in SW Iowa.
  3. Am I allowed to ask behavioral questions here? If not, please direct me to the appropriate site. Can I assume the Avocet resting it's chin on the water is a female and is "presenting"? Or is this some kind of courtship posturing? What I expected to happen, didn't. So now I'm unsure.
  4. Seen today at Loess Bluffs NWR in NW Missouri. It was by itself and remained in the same area of the same pond the entire day.
  5. Thanks folks. Now that I know what it is, I reviewed my archives and determined I have seen one, only ONCE before almost exactly 10 years ago! The difference was that bird had medium brown where this bird had white. Could that one have been an immature bird? Or are there dark and light morphs?
  6. Seen this afternoon circling with 3 other hawks outside DeSoto NWR, southwest of Missouri Valley, Iowa. Didn't notice if the other 3 were the same as I concentrated on this bird--the closest one. Whatever it is, it's definitely unlike any other hawk I've ever seen here in the midwest. The last image is the closest I have to a topside shot. All my other pics are font or underside as it circled and got blown farther away.
  7. Thank you. You're too quick! You responded before I read the responses to the other thread.
  8. THis adult male Red-winged Blackbird was seen two days in a row last week at St. Mary's Island WMA in western Iowa. I'm not suggesting the bird is sick or injured. Just want to know why the unusual throat markings and what that type of marking is called. Partially leucistic (spelling)?
  9. Seen last Monday at St. Mary's Island WMA in western Iowa. Was this a Lincoln's Sparrow, or am I completely off? Sorry I have no front profile pics. Only 2 side shots like this and 2 butt shots.
  10. Seen last Monday at St. Mary's Island WMA in western Iowa. Was this a Song Sparrow or a Lincoln's Sparrow? Or neither?
  11. Seen last Monday at Saint Mary's Island Wildlife Management Area, south of Council Bluffs, Iowa. Was this an immature Harlan's Red-tailed Hawk?
  12. The bird in the 3rd photo is NOT the same one as in the first two photos.
  13. Seen yesterday at Loess Bluffs NWR in NW Missouri. This one was in the same location as the Lesser Yellowlegs posted earlier, but about 6 hours later. And in the 3rd photo, what are the two shorebirds in front of the Yellowlegs?
  14. Thank you folks. In either case, any Dowitcher is a new Lifer bird for me!
  15. Thank you gentlemen. I was certain that if it was a Yellowlegs, it was the Greater one. Embarrassingly though, I wasn't even sure it was Yellowlegs at all. They all look like Sandpipers to me, and there's too many different kinds of those too...
  16. Thank you. The 2018 shots were with a Canon 1DX II and Canon 100-400 II. The 2017 ones were with a Canon 7D II and Sigma 150-600. I've since ditched dSLRs in favor of mirrorless. I now shoot Sony a9 and Sony 200-600mm.
  17. Seen yesterday at Loess Bluffs in NW Missouri. Although it hung out with an Avocet (shown for scale), a pair of Dowitchers, and the ever-present Killdeer, I didn't see any others like it there. Shot under overcast skies, so the colors may be a bit off. Also heavily cr opped. I'm leaning towards Greater Yellowlegs B/C of the bill length to head ratio.
  18. Going through my archives and wanted to verify that I ID'd these correctly. Three are the same bird, but don't recall if the in flight shot is though. Seen at DeSoto NWR, IA, back on 4/16/2018. Was this a Wilson's Snipe?
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