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  1. I've only seen Ibis once before (in NW Missouri) and it couldn't be determined then, for certain, if they were White-faced or Glossy because they were immature birds and/or in non-breeding plumage.  This series of 4 shots of a single bird that circled me once and flew past, was seen south of Council Bluffs, Iowa, a week ago.  The last pic showing 3 birds was taken in the same place, but a couple of days ago.






  2. Seen last week in a farmer's pond south of Council Bluffs, Iowa.  The bird on the right (facing away from viewer) is a Wilson's Phalarope.  What is the shorebird to it's left?  It appears (to me) similar to a Long-billed Dowitcher you folks helped me ID from the same pond a couple of weeks ago.  But the bill on this bird is much shorter than either the long, or even short-billed Dowitcher.  


  3. Thanks folks.  Now that I know what it is, I reviewed my archives and determined I have seen one, only ONCE before almost exactly 10 years ago!  The difference was that bird had medium brown where this bird had white.  Could that one have been an immature bird?  Or are there dark and light morphs?



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  4. Seen this afternoon circling with 3 other hawks outside DeSoto NWR, southwest of Missouri Valley, Iowa.  Didn't notice if the other 3 were the same as I concentrated on this bird--the closest one.  Whatever it is, it's definitely unlike any other hawk I've ever seen here in the midwest.  The last image is the closest I have to a topside shot.  All my other pics are font or underside as it circled and got blown farther away.





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