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  1. Going through my archives and wanted to verify that I ID'd these correctly. All the same bird, seen at L oess Bluffs NWR, MO, back on 10/31/2017. Was this a Wilson's Snipe?
  2. Wouldn't short-billed have more orange tones on the breast and flanks?
  3. Adding one more pic. In lieu of any flight shots, I hope this yoga stretch may help with wing plumage?
  4. Seen yesterday at Loess Bluffs NWR in NW Missouri. I have a few shots of them next to an American Avocet, if that'd help with size comparison. I don't think I ever saw them fly, but they never strayed more than a foot apart. My immediate thought was Wilson's Snipe, but now I'm leaning towards Long-billed Dowitcher.
  5. Thank you very much AlexHenry for the quick reply and the informative comments as well.
  6. Seen this afternoon at Loess Bluffs NWR in NW Missouri. Is this any of the three guesses in the title, or am I way off?
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