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  1. I recorded this bird song in Ohio in May. It sounds like a Yellow Warbler, but I am not sure. 2021-05-15 Maumee Bay SP, OH. MAH07982.mp3
  2. Oh, cool. I keep forgetting the song of this species. Thank you very much!
  3. I am still going through my bird song recordings in May in Ohio. Could you please identify this one for me? There are multiple birds sings in this audio, and I am most interested in the loudest one, but if you are able to identify all of them, that would be even better. :) 2021-05-15 Mill Hollow Bacon Woods Park, OH. MAH07959.mp3
  4. Ah, I see. Thank you. It looks like I should spend some time studying the difference between the two.
  5. Awesome. Glad that I kept this audio. Thank you very much!
  6. I recorded this bird song in Ohio on 05/16. It sounds like a Chestnut-sided Warbler, but I find its pitch is a bit lower than a typical Chestnut-sided Warbler song in the spectrogram. What do you think? 2021-05-16 Magee Marsh, OH. MAH07997.mp3
  7. I recorded this bird song in Ohio on 05/15. Do you think it's an American Redstart or a Yellow Warbler? 2021-05-15 Mill Hollow Bacon Woods Park, OH. MAH07925.mp3
  8. This reminds me that it might be a Bay-breasted Warbler? The shape of the spectrogram seems to be closer to a Bay-breasted Warbler.
  9. Hi, I am going through my unidentified recordings a couple of weeks ago from Ohio. Does anyone know what this bird is? Thank you very much! 2021-05-15 Mill Hollow Bacon Woods Park, OH. MAH07960.mp3
  10. Oh, thanks. I was confused by the Black-throated Blue Warbler identification. Now it makes sense. Thank you!
  11. This is another bird I recorded in West Virginia last week (sorry about the baby noise in the background). Could you please help identify it? Thank you very much! 2021-05-31 Summersville Lake SWA, WV. MAH08189.mp3
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