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  1. The eBird admin of our area corrected my observation and says it’s a Chipping Sparrow. I did some study on the trill songs these days, and I think it’s probably a Chipping Sparrow because the trill is quite long (over 3 sec long). Now I wish I actually saw that bird 🙂
  2. Thank you for the identification. Glad that I didn’t waste too much time search for the bird. 🙂
  3. Thank you so much for the amazing identification. You identify even more birds than the number of the calls I heard. I am going to spend some time studying this audio. 🙂
  4. I recorded this warbler song in Pittsburgh today (the sweet whistle song in the audio). Please help identify it. Thank you very much! 2021-05-01 Frick Park, PA. MAH07889.mp3
  5. I recorded this bird song (I hope it's a bird song) in Pittsburgh today. It sounds like a Worm-eating Warbler, but I am not sure. Thank you very much! 2021-05-01 Frick Park, PA. MAH07888.mp3
  6. Yes, Yellow-throated Warbler is the first warbler that arrives in Pittsburgh every spring.
  7. I recorded it in Pittsburgh, PA today. Thank you very much! 2021-04-10 South Park, PA. Yellow-throated Warbler MAH07826.mp3
  8. Please help me identify the bird call in this audio. Thank you very much! 2021-04-04 Harrison Hills County Park, PA. MAH07813.mp3
  9. Hi, there might be multiple species of birds singing/calling in this audio. Could you please help me identify what they are? Thank you very much! 2021-04-04 Harrison Hills County Park, PA. MAH07809 2.mp3
  10. Please help me identify this bird song/call (the lou est one at the beginning of the audio, not the cardinal). Thank you very much! 2021-04-04 Harrison Hills County Park, PA. MAH07807.mp3
  11. @Avery @Tony Leukering Thank you very much for the explanation!
  12. Can someone please explain to me how to tell it’s a Cooper’s Hawk? @AlexHenry @Hasan @The Bird Nuts
  13. The tail seems to be squared and has little white band at the tip.
  14. I saw this gull in Cleveland today. Its wingtip looks quite weird. Is it an Iceland Gull or just a Herring Gull with a broken wingtip? Thanks!
  15. It’s in Mahoning county, by the way, and it’s more likely to see mockingbirds than Hermit Thrushes in this season. So I guess it’s probably a mockingbird.
  16. I don’t remember exactly, but I think there might be some longer pauses between some calls.
  17. I recorded this bird song in Ohio. Could you please help identify it? Thank you very much! 2021-01-31 Poland Municipal Forest, OH. MAH07527.mp3
  18. @AlexHenryThe photos are taken from Round Valley Reservoir, NJ.
  19. I just find a different head angle for Photo 5. It does look thin and tall...
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