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  1. Thank you all. I'll do some more research on 1. and maybe repost with additional shots if I find any more that are good quality.
  2. Seen near Bend, OR in late August. Thanks in advance. 1. Lark Sparrow? 2. ? 3. ? 4. Savannah Sparrow?
  3. Smith Rock State Park, what a place to see raptors! Thanks in advance. 1. Peregrine? 2. Red-shouldered?
  4. Seen near Bend, OR in late August. Thanks in advance! 1. Marsh? 2. Rock? 3. Rock?
  5. Seen near Bend, OR in late August. Probably both Anna's? Thanks in advance. 1. 2.
  6. Seen near Bend, OR in August. 1. With spots! 2. Without spots!
  7. All these birds were seen near Bend, OR in August. Thank you in advance! 1. Perhaps Hammond's Flycatcher? 2. ? 3. Based on the timestamp this might be same bird as in 2., but the colors seem quite different. 4. Yellow Warbler? 5. Poor photo.
  8. Near Half Moon Bay, CA. Not the same bird in these two photos. Thanks in advance!
  9. Today at Burleigh Murray State Park near Half Moon Bay, CA. Thanks in advance!
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