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  1. Seen today, Salt Lake City, Utah I am guessing Dusky Flycatcher, but still have a long way to go on flycatcher ID. Thanks for the help!
  2. @Tony Leukering What do you mean by "First we’d" , Thanks for your help!
  3. Seen today - Near Salt Lake City, Utah. eBird shows reports of a common tern at this location. I think I might have found it. Compared to a Forster's Tern, I think the breast seems to be more grey and but the beak is a bit in the shadows and is hard to get the detail to be confident. Or Is my bias toward wanting to find a common tern clouding my judgment here? Thanks for your help! Lower left side, with Caspian Terns. Close up with a large crop
  4. Photos taken yesterday, Great Salt Lake Utah. This group of sandpipers were off in the distance. This was the best photo I could get, the lighting makes it more difficult to ID. Thanks for your help! The far right bird looks a bit different then the rest. another photo I think this is the same group.
  5. Here is a closeup of the first three from left to right.
  6. Taken Today - South Shore of the Great Salt Lake, Utah There have been a variety of sandpipers spotted here recently. This photo might have a couple different species. Is the far left a Sanderling? The others it seems must be either Western Sandpiper, Baird's, or Semipalmated Sandpiper. I am a shorebird rookie. Thanks for the help!! ( I do have more close up shots of individuals, let me know if need more photos)
  7. Seen today, Salt Lake City, Utah I keep going back and forth between Lincoln and Savanna. What do you think? Thanks!! These are the best photos I have, I never saw it's front side.
  8. Taken today, Salt Lake City Utah I believe these are Long-billed Dowitchers (this would be a lifer). Not super confident with shorebirds. Thanks for the help! With Black-necked Stilt
  9. @AlexHenry Thanks for the feedback! I should have mentioned that I was not sure if this was the same bird or not. Just to clarify, you think all three photos are Anna's? I was thinking and hopping it was Anna's because this would be a lifer!
  10. Photos were taken last week, in Strawberry Arizona (northern Arizona) The lighting was pretty harsh, I wish I could have had a better angle and light. The photos were cropped and brightened up, but the shadows still throw the colors off and can make things tricky (originals photos are at the bottom). According to eBird the likely choices were Anna's or Broad-tailed. Thanks for your help! #1 #2 #3 . . . . . in case you wanted to see the original photos. #1 #2 #3
  11. @Seanbirds Thanks! After my post, I reviewed some more of the sighting data on ebird and what you have in your comment makes the most sense according to the data. Thanks for the confirmation, these are two new lifers for me 🙂
  12. I took a spring break trip to Arizona this last week. I was pleased to find several black looking hawks at first I figured they were Common Black Hawks, then I learned about Zone-tailed Hawks and now I am not sure. The best comparison resource I have found is here, but I am still unsure. The following are two different birds in two different areas but both in central Arizona, and both with eBird listing each as a possibility for the location. Thanks for your help! Bird # 1 (2 shots) - at the grand canyon south rim and Bird #2 (only saw in perched position) - at dea
  13. Taken last week, Southeastern Utah. I initially thought this was a Ferruginous Hawk, then after looking at the photos I just want to make sure this is not a light morph Red-Tailed Hawk (faint belly band?) Thoughts? Thanks!
  14. 2/21/21 Salt Lake County, Utah I am pretty sure this is a Golden Eagle, just making sure it is not a juvenile Bald Eagle. Thanks for the help!
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