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  1. So just to be clear, both are Red-tail?
  2. Taken 7/26/2020 , SE Idaho (Madison County) It seems to me the hawk on the left would be a Swainson's Hawk due to the long tail feathers. At first I would assume the bird on the right would be as well. Besides not seeing the tail feathers there seems to be subtle differences. Male vs Female differences? Could the one on the right be a red-tailed hawk? I am guessing both are Swainson's Hawks but I thought I would check to confirm. Thanks!
  3. Taken Yesterday, SE Idaho (Jefferson County). Happy to be seeing some more shorebirds coming through! Still have many shorebirds to see on my list. Thanks for the help! 1) Possibly a Greater yellow-legs, no sure on the the middle 2) Close up on the Left two birds 3) and two different birds Thanks for the help!!!
  4. Yes sounds like the same place! It was very cool! I saw more hummingbirds there then I have ever seen!
  5. Taken Yesterday, Southern Idaho (Twin Falls County). I stopped by a hummingbird feeder station and saw plenty of Calliope, Broad-tailed, and Black-chinned. I thought I might have seen 1 male rufous briefly but not sure and didn't get a photo. Looking through my photos I found several I thought might be female Rufous. What do you think? ( Thanks for all the help today, this will be my last post for today!)
  6. Taken Yesterday, Southern Idaho (Twin Falls county). Is this a Williamson's Sapsucker Juvenile? I just wanted to make sure it wasn't another juvenile woodpecker species. Thanks!
  7. I did not, it was a pretty brief encounter. I was hoping to see more and get some recordings. Hopefully I will have better luck next time!
  8. Photo taken in the South Hill of Idaho which is located in Cassia Crossbill range. This was the only crossbill I saw, and did not hear it. Is there anyway, besides sound, to tell if this is a Cassia Crossbill compared to red crossbill? (this is my first ever sighting of of any crossbill)
  9. Taken today, Salt Lake City, Utah. Thanks for the help!
  10. From the Archives. July 2015 Loch Lomond, Scotland. I think that I have a Lesser Black-backed Gull on the left and two Black-headed Gulls on the right. Let me know if you can confirm if either of those are the correct ID. Thanks!
  11. Taken Today , SE Idaho (Jefferson County) Wish I had a better image quality. My best guess is Solitary Sandpiper. What do you think? Thanks!
  12. @Benjamin Wow, Great! That is a lifer for me! That makes sense that they are hard when looking at their range map https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Black_Rosy-Finch/maps-range. Thanks!
  13. Taken Today. Location: Lemhi County Idaho (east central) at a mountain lake called Meadow Lake , 8200 ft elevation. I have tried Merlin, and it came up with Brewer's Blackbird. I also looked around and the closest thing I can come up with is Black Rosy-Finch, but not very confident in that ID. Thanks for the Help.
  14. Taken Today. SE Idaho (Idaho Falls) I think these are Marbled Godwit. This would be a first for me. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
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