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  1. @Connor Cochrane Thanks for your take! Anybody else confirm any of these?
  2. Taken Yesterday, SE Idaho. Fly Catcher Help. Thanks 1. Dusky flycatcher? 2. two photos. Hammonds? 3. Least?? Thanks!
  3. I am not sure why I was convinced it was a nuthatch. I think it was It's behavior, clinging to wood , near cottonwoods, and also near a red breasted nuthatch got me thinking it was a nuthatch. Mountain Chickadee seems to make sense.
  4. Thanks! this one seemed a bit darker then other yellow warblers so I thought I might have found it, but i will look more for the supercillium in future photos!
  5. Taken Today, SE Idaho. Not sure if this is a White-breasted Nuthatch or a Red-breasted Nuthatch. The Eyeline seems pretty dark for White-breasted Nuthatch but the line is not as continuous as a Red-breasted Nuthatch. White-breasted Nuthatch? Thanks!
  6. Taken today, SE Idaho. I have seen numerous ebird reports of Orange-crowned Warblers but I have never been sure if I have seen one. I see how it could be really easy to mix them up with Yellow Warblers, especially since Orange-crowned Warblers are supposed to be more bright in the west. Is this a Orange-crowned Warbler? or another Yellow Warbler. Thanks!
  7. Taken Today, SE Idaho. Pine Siskin? Not the best angle. I have not ID'd a Pine Siskin and would like to know if this is one. Thanks!
  8. Taken Today, SE Idaho. Pine Siskin? Not the best angle. I have not ID'd a Pine Siskin and would like to know if this is one. Thanks!
  9. Taken Yesterday. Salt Lake City, Utah Sorry for the poor image quality / Bad lighting. Is it possible to have a confident ID? Thanks. First 2 photos same bird. 3rd photo- different bird. Broad Tailed?
  10. Thanks! I posted on a idaho rare bird facebook page and they, after some discussion agreed with Broad-winged Hawk. I updated my checklist on e-bird. Thanks!
  11. The Peregrine Falcon (#2) and Merlin (#3) would be lifers for me! Is there anyone else that can confirm the merlin? Thanks!
  12. (#6) After looking at photos of Common Yellowthroat, I am not really seeing it. The eyestipe might not be as visible due to the eye being in a shadow. Still seems to me Orange-crowned Warbler would be a better fit. But I could definitely be wrong!
  13. All taken today, SE Idaho (Jefferson County). All photos are different birds. I think a few photos are the same species. Thanks for the help!!! 1. Fly Catcher? 1. 2. ? 3. Flycatcher? 3. 4. Flycatcher? 5. Dark-eyed Junco?? 6. Orange Crowned Warbler?? 6. Thanks!
  14. Taken Today, SE Idaho (jefferson County). Each photos taken separate occasions. Really not very confident with Hawk ID yet. These vantage points the photos were taken from make me less sure. Thanks for the help! 1. 2. Saw this guy take out a northern shoveler in the air! 3.
  15. Last week I faced this same delima and posted about it (see above). In last weeks post there was some debate about the Downy Woodpecker sometimes not showing spots on the tail feathers and also debate about bill length. Today (SE Idaho) I found another woodpecker and I am still not confident in whether I would say Downy or Hairy. Again no visible spots on tail but the beak seams to be somewhat small. Todays pictures are below. Thanks for the input!
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