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  1. This is bird #4. Not the best angle or light on this one though. Not sure if the more ashy looking throat is real or just the darker lighting.
  2. Southwestern Corner of Utah (Lytle Ranch) 5/20/23 Ash-throated and Brown-crested are both common here. I regret not trying to get better sound recordings to differentiate between the two! I am quite certain I saw and heard both Ash-throated and Brown-crested I am just trying to sort out the pictures and make sure I can tell the difference between the two. Here are several of my more quality photos. All sperate sightings. Thanks! Bird 1 Bird #2 Bird #3 Bird 4
  3. oh my! I guess it is just a very dark / drap yellow warbler?
  4. Southwestern Corner of Utah. 5/20/23 Orange Crowned? Nashville warbler? - I don't see the eyeline for orange-crowned, the head doesn't appear grey for Nashville. Someone spotted a Nashville warbler in this location recently so I wanted to double check. Thoughts? Thanks! '
  5. 5/20/23 - Southwestern Corner of Utah (Lytle Ranch Preserve) Cordilleran Flycatcher? The tear drop eye ring seems diagnostic, but I am never sure on flycatchers!
  6. Thanks for the help! I did not see it flick it's tail up and down. But I was not necessarily looking for that at the time. I only read about that after I got back
  7. Photo From today. Salt Lake City Utah . I am thinking Gray or Dusky Flycatcher. No audio 😞 What do you think?
  8. Photo from today, Salt Lake City, Utah. I have thought I have seen a Orange Crowned Warbler a hundred times. But they end up always being a more pale yellow warbler. But finally, I think I finally have a Orange Crowned Warbler, especially noting the eyeline. Please confirm or tell me I have another yellow warbler! Thanks!
  9. of course! How did I not think of that one!
  10. 4/13 Salt Lake City I think I might finally have found a Lincoln sparrow? If it is not, I am sure it would be a song sparrow. Thanks for the help!
  11. Here is an enlarged edited photo - Sorry for the bad quality, I do not have the full res file.
  12. Posting for a friend. We think this could be a Merlin, but we struggle to rule out a Sharp-shinned Hawk. Wish we had a better view of the head. Thoughts? Thanks! December, Salt Lake City
  13. the pink legs made me think Herring Gull but now I see that juvenile Ring-billed and California Gull do as well. Now I am even more confused!
  14. Southeastern Idaho, July 27th. Are all 3 of these Herring Gulls? EBird says rare for location.
  15. Seen 7/27/22. South Eastern Idaho Could this be a long tailed duck? Thanks!
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