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  1. Could anyone confirm this Warbler? I believe it is a Juvenile Yellow Warbler, but want to be sure. Spotted in St.Kitts in the Caribbean on June 30th . Thanks.
  2. The pictures are not so clear (taken with my phone!) but there does not seem to be any white on the head, but certainly there is a white band on the back of the neck, which I have not seen in Brown Noddy pictures. It could be a B. N. but I'm not confident on this.
  3. Hi Conner, I really uncomfortable calling this a Laughing Gull. I have seen many Juvenile laughing Gulls and this one would have to be really unique.
  4. Seen in St.Kitts in the Caribbean today, June 28. Chocolate brown body, with a blackish tail. Pale white on chest and a distinct pale white mark on back of neck. Maybe a Jaeger, like a Parasitic Jaeger? Any thoughts? Looks like smallish seagull size, but can be compared with the cattle egret and Glossy Ibises in background.
  5. Thanks everyone! Hummingbird Moth makes much more sense!
  6. I was sent this video from the island of Nevis in the Caribbean. The jizz and flight of the bird looks like a Humming Bird, but the white on the rump/back is causing id uncertainty. There are only three hummingbirds on Nevis, and it is not a Green throated or Purple throated, so it might be an Antillean Crested? Perhaps an immature? Or maybe not a hummingbird! Any suggestions? At one point in the video the bird is seen much better than the rest of the video. Bird Video -- Nevis St.Kitts.MP4
  7. Saw this bird on January 12, 2020 in St.Kitts, Caribbean. If it is a Scaup, which one? Or a Blue-winged Teal?
  8. I have never seen a Solitary Sandpiper, being so dark brown? and this large? Is this really a solitary sandpiper?
  9. These 3 Gulls were spotted on St.Kitts in the Caribbean. Initially I thought they were Immature Herring Gulls, but an experienced birder stated that they are not Herrings, and there is a chance they could possibly be Western Gulls, but I believe that it is unlikely that Western Gulls would be spotted in the Caribbean. Any ideas on the identification of these Gulls?
  10. Saw this Duck on Caribbean Island of St.Kitts on July 9th. Interestingly, there should be no ducks now as the migratory season is long finished! The white bar under the neck in interesting. Need Help with ID. Thanks
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