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  1. I completely botched the initial upload and added the additional photos indicated here. Apologies.
  2. I've attached some pictures from a few days of recent shorebirding. I'm thinking Dunlin for the first two (9744, 9535), Common Redshank and Greenshank for the third (9806), Common Sandpiper for the fourth (9918), and Eurasian Oystercatchers + an unknown species for the last one. However, I'm not fully certain of any of these IDs (especially unsure of Dunlin vs Curlew Sandpiper in the field), so would love some help.
  3. Thanks, Akandula! I actually hadn't considered Menetries's. I think I'll leave this one unidentified. Very interesting either way though - a bit early for either species.
  4. Accidentally snapped a picture of this bird while trying to get a shot of the Corn Bunting above. Was unable to catch it through my binoculars and the pics aren't that great. The overall structure and extent of black on head seems to indicate Eastern Orphean. However, the underparts look a little dusky for that species (although this could just be a trick of the light). Picture taken March 24th 2020 at Lake Lisi outside of Tbilisi, Georgia. Thanks for any help. Mac
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