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  1. I believe this to be a Clay-colored Sparrow; white crown stripe, yellow (lower) mandible, and other markings consistent with that species..Fulton County NY 10/11/2020.
  2. This morning a Purple Finch flew into a window next to where I was sitting. The window has bird guards of monofilament line. I went out to check and the bird was awake and sitting upright. I came back in thinking the bird would recover and then fly away. When I looked out to check, there was a young male Northern Cardinal on the step next to the finch. The cardinal stayed there for several minutes, fidgeting around, before it left. Not long after that the finch left too. Ive been wondering what was the cardinals interest in the finch.
  3. Is this a Willow/Alder Flycatcher or some other? Sighted at the Fulton County Airport 8/17/20 alternately perching on the chain link fence and diving into the field to snatch bugs. No tail flipping, not returning to exactly the same spot but near it. There were also Eastern Kingbirds and Eastern Phoebes near by.
  4. This bird came to the feeder in fulton county NY. Is it an American Goldfinch or an immature female Pine Warbler? Or other?
  5. I see it now. Over the top of the middle bird is a tail I associated with the bird on the right thus thinking it was behind the middle bird.
  6. Pale area at the base of the bill indicates Blue-winged Teal.
  7. The gull in the middle seems different than the RBGs on either side of it; a black spot on the neck, no ring on bill, shorter more pointed bill, darker gray, smaller size. Or is it a photo aberration? Fulton Couny NY
  8. thought the red/brown breast would extend farther to the belly.
  9. I didn't think NW because of the white trace on the wing and tail edges.
  10. Fulton County, NY 10/2/9 7-8 am. foraging actively in Birch trees. Can't decide if it's a Yellow-throated Vireo or a Pine Warbler. Is it either or, or something else? see pic.
  11. Fulton County, NY 10/2/19 7-8 am. foraging in Birch trees very actively. white belly with red/brown chest & sides makes think Eastern Bluebird, but it doesn't feel like a good fit. What bird would you think it is?
  12. Saw this bird in a muddy farm field near a large puddle in Madison County NY 4/25/2019. The short thick bill indicates it's a plover. The pale eye brow , dark spot behind the eye, overall markings make me think it's a juvenile American Golden Plover.
  13. While watching (through the spotting scope) some Common Goldeneyes diving, one appeared that stood out with a lot more black on it’s side. It had a mostly black wing with a row of white spots, lower sides bright white, and a white spot between the bill and the eye. The shape of the spot I didn’t pay to much attention too as I was sure it wasn’t a COGE. In trying to confirm this ID, one site states the BAGE spot is crescent or sometimes oval. A different sight states the COGE spot is round or sometimes oval. Thinking back I would have to say the one I saw was oval. So I’m stuck. Does one or the
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