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  1. Mine had 3 on her last batch like I said she has 3 babies I had to put a umbrella over her nesting box it is 100* here no wind they was gasping for breath and I put a wet towel over the box to and set up a fan . Couldn’t let my babies bake without doing anything . Love my blue birds ♥️ Happy 4th Have fun but be safe doing it 🇺🇸
  2. I check mine box a couple days ago this was her 3 batch so far normally they have 5 eggs but this time she had 3 check the box and all 3 eggs hatch so she has 3 new babies now. So far mom & dad are feeding them well and watching over them .
  3. Wow it’s a hugh baby blue bird ..😲🤔
  4. Mine only has 3 eggs in this time normally there are 5 hadn’t hatch yet check on them today but should be soon hope all 3 hatch and live bc I agree everyone born and lives to adult hood means more and more I get to see and enjoy watching them such s beautiful bird to watch .
  5. Wow be nice to see mine have a third batch but as far as I know this batch is her second . But not 100% sure in that . But she only builds in two places that I know of and one is in a power pole at the back of my home that hooks up to my trailor they stop nesting there for yrs but now this yr they had the first batch there. But now back in my front yard in a bird box that my dad built for me about 20 yrs ago amp bird ever nested in it all that time until last yr she had two batches there. Now she has her second batch in it again . I see more blue birds around but they all go away except one pair and the female has been here for last 3 yrs but she had to get a new mate bc hers got killed by a snake last yr . Broke my heart I don’t know if they feel but it really look like she was lost she just sit on my line for hrs until her babies hatch then that kept her busy trying to feed 4 babies on her own until big enough to fly . But I love reading these post about the blue birds and of course other species . Hope no one minds me replying to some of the post I enjoy learning all I can .
  6. First batch they nested way high in my power pole on my trailor nested there for last 5/7 yrs last yr started nesting in a nesting box in my yard they raised one batch last yr then a batch in on my porch in a nesting box this yr back for second batch in nesting box again . love watching these beautiful blue birds . Can’t wait to see babies in a couple wks .
  7. I bet that was a beautiful site to watch . And watch the parents call them to them . i had a set that nested on my porch last yr they also nested in my yard twice that first yr in s box but they chose my porch but the male got killed by a black snake we tried to get to him before the snake got him but couldn’t so mommy hatch 4 babies and took care of them on her own but I think they came off to early we go to check on them and they were off on the ground and couldn’t fly that good yet they look old enough but not sure they were but idk where the mommy went didn’t see her come for them but I am sure they didn’t live . But we had to let nature run it’s cource. And not interfere bc wasn’t sure if mommy was out there or came back for them I really hope they lived though.
  8. Oh I understand that didn’t mean it that way just knew if I had them it would be such a blessing bc those of us that have diff birds love to have other bird sources around to enjoy as well . I am sure it is loud so close just wish we all could have them lol 😂😂
  9. I have them get into old boots and old tea kettles I have hanging to put flowers in but the little brown tens took over so I couldn’t plant flowers in them lol . But love watching the babies hatch and start s life of there own such a blessing to be able to have birds I can hear singing at 5 am each morning in the spring and summer mths while I set in my swing drinking my coffee when all else is peaceful .
  10. Hi melndallas I was reading through the post found yours about the Hummers and mine was just the opposite this year . i had a male come in about 3wks before seeing a female it was really late didn’t think I was going to have any this yr . I don’t know why so late but I think the seasons are off but anyways now I do just now have 4/5 hoping by July they all will be in here . but I was thinking we have had so many storms that maybe a lot didn’t make the migration this yr . only thing I can think of But I watch a group about hummies out of California all yr around . Normally any question I have I go to them before I knew about this site . But he has Rufus and Anna’s mostly where I have Ruby’s . But love to chic chat about hummies anytime with you it’s nice to find someone else that love the hummies as much as me . But hope your hummies come soon bc I get most of mine when migrating out . But love to watch either way . And it is expensive to feed the birds I have so many diff ones . But love to watch and watch our baby deer running around now also lol . Thank you . Leandz
  11. tclarkwood that would be a blessing if I could wake hearing the singing of so many birds and diff species . Sounds like a blessing lol . thank you for sharing.
  12. Yes that’s exactly what bird I saw here for first time ever well I hope he comes back. Again I love the rain bow colors . i have same problem here with the feeders for my bluebirds with mealworms before they get to them the blue jays black birds. The tens Want stop until it’s all gone same way with my golden finch food feeders I use to buy nothing but the finch food for them in the socks until the blue jays would peck holes in them and eat it or the ground squirrels would do it lol. I try to feed them all blue not fond on the blue jays right now . but will have to figure out a way to keep them from getting into bluebirds feeders .but I love all the birds especially my bluebirds , my Hummers, finches, blue buntings and the rainbow colored one and my orange and black I know the name just can’t think of it right now . But thsnk you for your info I appreciate it bunches love learning the diff species of birds .
  13. Yes I did look them up once I seen them here they say they are the indiago buntings . There is also another from that family that’s a rainbow color that I have never seen here before . But it sure is beautiful I wish they were here all the time I am almost 61 and never seen this bird except on tv . But I really enjoyed it though wish it would of stayed around long enough to get a pic but wasn’t that lucky . But thank you for the info I appreciate it .
  14. Wow that’s fast usually they wait a few wks mine didn’t do there second batch until June or July so must be something diff where you live than where I live . Do you know anything about what area this bird may be from don’t have a pic but have seen one on the animal show looks like one I saw here s couple days ago it’s like a rainbow color head dark blue then yellow then sorta redness color something else but couldn’t tell rest of color I am 60 yrs old never seen one in my area of logan Wv . And also a orange with brownish back and also had a orioles here only see him once a spring . And had two dark solid blue bunting blue birds here a couple days. . Just don’t understand why all the diff birds in this area this yr that’s never been here before .
  15. Wow I haven’t seen babies stay while mom is on a new batch normally they take babies far away so they don’t come to the nest . thank you for sharing .♥️
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