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  1. I have done the cage have taken off quite a few lately. I had to do something no one wanted to claim the poor cats and I don’t want to hurt them  but I did make sure they was in a area they can get food and other cat lovers . I don’t want cats but I want hurt them either and went out of my way to get owner that Ik was the owner to take care of them or something but didn’t happen no claim on them .

     So I did what I thought best bc I love my birds  and trying to bring diff ones in but didn’t want to if they was just going to get killed like all the poor little rabbits did .  But I went with the live cage capture and place them where they be taken care of .

          Thanks for info and advice .

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  2. Yes I have with neighbors cats  killing my birds and my doves  ask if anyone owned the cats bc I caged them and gave to shelter.

    except one she claimed but she did catch him and he only been back a couple times that Ik of . But now have another one  I try to be nice and respectful  to others animals if they try to work with me bc I believe if you have s pet take care of it and keep on your property as I do mine .but if they chose not to then I will have to take another route  to save my birds . Bc they killed all my rabbits also  they keep my squirrels away  so cats got to go .

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  3. I would love to have that many at my feeder . I would stock up at that time if they come like that all the time 😂😂😂😂

    I wish I could get rid of the woodpeckers they run my golden finch off  and they don’t stop eating and pecking a hole in my porch to hide the seeds in . Then the smaller type eats my humming bird food keeps my Hummers  away 

  4. I live in Wv 

    and it’s just opposite here with the golden finches  I have a lot here  cardinals , blue jays, red headed wood peckers ,  blue birds , chickadees , a few more  but as far as dropping off  from feeding they have her but just the blue jays and cardinals, bluebirds  took there babies and left. Idk if it’s the heat  or what  bc it’s been in the 90’s here for last couple wks . But my finches are still feeding good from feeders. and my hummers are   Here everyday but somedays there are a few more than other days .  But still enjoy  watching them .

  5. Mine had 3 on her last batch like I said  she has 3 babies  I had to put a umbrella over her nesting box it is 100* here no wind  they was gasping for breath  and I put a wet towel over the box to and set up a fan . Couldn’t let my babies bake without doing anything . Love my blue birds ♥️ 

    Happy 4th   Have fun but be safe doing it 🇺🇸

  6. On 6/26/2020 at 1:04 PM, Chaseman said:

    So, a series of surprises.  The first surprise was that we had a third nest built this year.  Last year there were only two.  The second surprise was there were only three eggs laid, each previous nest had five.  I guess the final surprise is that only one of the eggs hatched.  Seems like a lot of work for one baby, but if they can put another Bluebird into the world, I say it's worth it.



    Mine only has 3 eggs in this time normally there are 5 hadn’t hatch yet check on them today but should be soon  hope all 3 hatch and live bc I agree everyone born and lives to adult hood means more and more I get to see and enjoy watching them  such s beautiful bird to watch .

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  7. Wow be nice to see mine have a third batch  but as far as I know this batch is her second . But not 100% sure in that . But she only builds in two places that I know of and one is in a power pole at the back of my home  that hooks up to my trailor they stop nesting there for yrs but now this yr they had the first batch there.  But now back in my front yard in a bird box  that my dad built for me about 20 yrs ago  amp bird ever nested in it all that time until last yr she had two batches there. Now she has her second batch in it again .  I see more blue birds around  but they all go away except one pair and the female has been here for last 3 yrs but she had to get a new mate bc hers got killed by a snake last yr . Broke my heart  I don’t know if they feel but it really look like she was lost she just sit on my line for hrs until her babies hatch then that kept her busy trying to feed 4 babies on her own until big enough to fly . But I love reading these post about the blue birds and of course other species .  Hope no one minds me replying to some of the post I enjoy learning all I can .

  8. First batch they nested way high in my power pole on my trailor  nested there  for last 5/7 yrs last yr started nesting in a nesting box in my yard they raised one  batch last yr then a batch in on my porch in a nesting box  this yr back for second batch  in nesting box again .

    love watching these beautiful blue birds . Can’t wait to see babies in a couple wks .


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  9. I bet that was a beautiful site to watch . And watch the parents call them to them .

    i had a set that nested on my porch last yr  they also nested in my yard twice that first yr in s box  but they chose my porch but the male got killed by a black snake  we tried to get to him before the snake got him but couldn’t so mommy hatch 4 babies and took care of them on her own  but I think they came off to early we go to check on them and they were off on the ground and couldn’t fly that good yet they look old enough but not sure they were but idk where the mommy went didn’t see her come for them but I am sure they didn’t live . But we had to let nature run it’s cource. And not interfere bc wasn’t sure if mommy was out there or came back for them  I really hope they lived though. 

  10. On 6/13/2020 at 4:49 PM, tclarkwood said:

    I love birds so don’t think that I don’t appreciate having a ton of birds around the house. But if you have ever young raptors on your property when they are fledging... it is a very noisy 2-3 weeks!  Ha ha! 

    Oh I understand that didn’t mean it that way  just knew if I had them it would be such a blessing bc those of us that have diff birds  love to have other bird sources around to enjoy as well . I am sure it is loud so close  just wish we all could have them lol 😂😂

  11. I have them get into old boots and old tea kettles I have hanging  to put flowers in but the little brown tens took over so I couldn’t plant flowers in them lol .

     But love watching the babies hatch and start s life of there own  such a blessing  to be able to have birds  I can hear singing at 5 am each morning  in the spring and summer mths while I set in my swing  drinking my coffee when all else is peaceful .

  12. On 6/1/2020 at 3:43 PM, MeInDallas said:

    Oh wow this thread went way off the rails! OK forget I said anything about the sugar water nectar. I dont pour it out every year, I'm not running out of sugar, it's plentiful at my house. My feeders are fine, the sugar water nectar is NOT AN ISSUE.

    Now back on track, my concern is the low numbers of hummingbirds at the feeders this year. I normally have tons of them like I did the first of the spring when migration was going on, and then they just dropped and I hardly have any feeding right now.I was wondering what everyone else is experiencing at their feeders.

    Lots of hummingbirds? Not very many? Average for your area?

    Hi  melndallas

     I was reading through the post found yours about the Hummers  and mine was just the opposite this year .

    i had a male come in about 3wks before seeing a female  it was really late didn’t think I was going to have any this yr . 

    I don’t know why  so late but I think the seasons are off but anyways now I do just now have 4/5  hoping  by July they all will be in here .

    but I was thinking we have had so many storms that maybe a lot didn’t make the migration this yr .

    only thing I can think of   But I watch  a group about hummies out of California all yr around . Normally any question I have I go to them before I knew about this  site . But he has Rufus and Anna’s mostly where I have Ruby’s . But love to chic chat about hummies anytime with you it’s nice to find someone else that love the hummies as much as me .   But hope your hummies come soon bc I get most of mine when migrating out . But love to watch either way . And it is expensive to feed the birds  I have so many diff  ones . But love to watch and watch our baby deer running around now also lol .  Thank you  . 


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