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  1. Yes that’s exactly what bird I saw here for first time ever well I hope he comes back. Again I love the rain bow colors . i have same problem here with the feeders for my bluebirds with mealworms before they get to them the blue jays black birds. The tens Want stop until it’s all gone same way with my golden finch food feeders I use to buy nothing but the finch food for them in the socks until the blue jays would peck holes in them and eat it or the ground squirrels would do it lol. I try to feed them all blue not fond on the blue jays right now . but will have to figure out
  2. Yes I did look them up once I seen them here they say they are the indiago buntings . There is also another from that family that’s a rainbow color that I have never seen here before . But it sure is beautiful I wish they were here all the time I am almost 61 and never seen this bird except on tv . But I really enjoyed it though wish it would of stayed around long enough to get a pic but wasn’t that lucky . But thank you for the info I appreciate it .
  3. Wow that’s fast usually they wait a few wks mine didn’t do there second batch until June or July so must be something diff where you live than where I live . Do you know anything about what area this bird may be from don’t have a pic but have seen one on the animal show looks like one I saw here s couple days ago it’s like a rainbow color head dark blue then yellow then sorta redness color something else but couldn’t tell rest of color I am 60 yrs old never seen one in my area of logan Wv . And also a orange with brownish back and also had a orioles here only see him once a
  4. Wow I haven’t seen babies stay while mom is on a new batch normally they take babies far away so they don’t come to the nest . thank you for sharing .♥️
  5. So beautiful love watching my blue birds each yr but this yr they didn’t nest close to the house but they stay close in the yard so still get to watch them so I am good ..
  6. Hi I am new but was reading about the bluebird topic I have bluebirds also and my female and male built nest twice in same house my father built years ago . Then the third time they built in a box on my porch. And all 3 times they had 5 eggs hatched and raised all babies . Last ones she raised on hr own after hatching her mate got killed by a snake my hubby tried to save him but to late . But this year she hadn’t been back but have seen a few males around. But also heard they will build false nest then the female will chose which one she likes then they both will finish it.
  7. I have the Ruby throated hummingbirds each yr that normally don’t show up until middle of April. But do you think they will be coming earlier this yr ? from West Virginia .
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