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  1. Don't know if anyone cares, but this was accepted in eBird as yellow-bellied kingbird sp.
  2. Both taken today in Western NY. For the first one I'm looking for ID on the two birds at the end of the recording. And for the second recording the song at the beginning (which I think is some type of sparrow) is the one I'm wondering about but if you want to attempt IDing the other ones go for it. CR-380 2.m4a CR-380 3.m4a
  3. Both taken today in Western NY. I believe the bird singing in the first one is an American Redstart and also the in the second on at about 8 seconds. Just need some verification. Thanks! Buckhorn Island State Park.m4a Buckhorn Island State Park 4.m4a
  4. I think I will probably just have to accept that I'm not going to know an ID for this bird. I wish I had been able to get better pictures but I know these aren't sufficient enough evidence for any species so I won't report it in eBird. The only thing I would consider putting in would be yellow-bellied kingbird sp. but i don't really want to report something I am not sure on. Hopefully either I or someone else will be able to look for it again soon.
  5. I know it's not a chat it was just the coloration that reminded me of one.
  6. I really don't think it was. I saw some Great-crested flycatchers the same day and I've seen them on other occasions. This bird seemed too big and there was no reddish-brown on the tail or wing like in Great-crested. The eye placement doesn't seem right either.
  7. So when I was observing this bird my very initial thought was Yellow-Breasted Chat (It obviously isn't one but I had that stuck in my head from reading it on the sign on the way into the conservation area). The reason I thought this however was because of a white line near the eye which I can see is present in Cassin's. I do think the chest is wrong for Cassin's though because (you can't see in the pictures) but it was whiter on the top.
  8. Someone suggested Great-Crested Flycatcher to me. I did see a few Great-crested Flycatchers today but I'm sure this wasn't one. I'm still leaning towards Western Kingbird but I won't put it in eBird because these pictures are definitely not enough evidence lol.
  9. I'm currently looking at pictures of western kingbird. There was Yellow on the underside of the bird I saw like in the pictures of Western Kingbird I am seeing. It is just not possible because of the range though.
  10. another thing I noticed as I'm researching this... the tail doesn't seem right for Mockingbird or Kingbird.
  11. It was mostly just jumping from branch to branch. The area was a big field like area very open in the sun.
  12. The only Kingbird around here is Eastern Kingbird and I did consider that but it wasn't nearly dark enough.
  13. So I saw this bird today in Lewiston, NY. I switched my ID so many times on it so I thought I would just see if anyone could tell here from my (pretty bad) pictures.
  14. Really?? Woah I was not thinking that at all. Also here is the third file I meant to upload. Eastwood Rd 2.m4a
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