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  1. Hm so I had also determined it's definitely a Tit species but I had settled on Great Tit. I honestly have basically no experience with European birds though so who knows.
  2. Taken yesterday in Western New York. No streaking underneath and no wing bars.
  3. Thanks! went back to the creek this morning and came to the same conclusion.
  4. Hi this was taken this morning near Canadaway Creek in Fredonia, NY. I’m sure it’s something simple as I recognize it but I just can’t seem to remember the ID. New Recording.m4a
  5. Fairly sure this is just a Song Sparrow. Coloring through me off a little though. Western NY today.
  6. Not sure what the bird in this recording is. Could be Dark-eyed junco or some type of sparrow? Taken in Western NY in July. State University of New York at Fredoniabird.m4a
  7. I'm not sure the habitat was right. It was on a small forest island in the middle of a lake.
  8. Hm ok. That recording was taken at a different location near very tall pine trees right at the edge of the Adirondack Park.
  9. Thanks. Would this one be a Dark-Eyed Junco as well? Adirondack Park 2.m4a
  10. All of these are from Mt. Arab in the Adirondacks today. Most of them I am pretty confident on and am just looking for confirmation. 1) Blackburnian Warbler? I’m pretty sure I saw it’s orange face. 2)Pine warbler? Might be wrong on this one 3) Black-throated Blue warbler I also saw this one 4) no idea maybe yellow-rumped Adirondack Park 9 blackburnian.m4a Adirondack Park 7 pine.m4a Adirondack Park 13.m4a Adirondack Park 8.m4a
  11. So I have a few more.... The third one is a Red-eyed vireo I’m pretty sure? The first one I have no idea and the second one I definitely recognize and I know its a warbler but I’m not sure which one. There was a Black and White Warbler on a tree but I don’t think that’s it. Adirondack Park.m4a Adirondack Park 4.m4a New Recording 12.m4a
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