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  1. This was taken 9/26/21 in Chautauqua county NY. The tone sounds like a White-throated Sparrow and it is the only sparrow I can think of that would have that clear whistling song, but I've never heard one with this combination of notes before. Is it a variation? Ignore the Cardinal calling. 2021-09-26 0819 2-[AudioTrimmer.com].wav
  2. Heard this woodpecker today in Western NY. It threw me off because it kind of sounded in between a Red-bellied and Red-headed. The call is at the end of the recording and you can hear it drumming somewhere in the middle (the drum is not right for Yellow-bellied sapsucker or at least not from my experience). For reference the habitat is a large forest with tall pine and deciduous trees with a swampy area as well. The habitat seemed ok for Red-headed but obviously Red-bellied would be much more likely. Woodpecker.m4a
  3. I did have an adult Eastern Kingbird that day at that location. I hadn’t even considered fledglings.
  4. I’ve never known a titmouse to make a sound like this. For the same reason as @The Bird Nuts I’d say not Black-capped.
  5. Definitely could just be an insect of some sort I suppose. Here’s a different recording of the same thing... Weird noise.m4a
  6. I didn't think I would ever post here again but.... I was listening to old recordings and I found this one from July from Hermon, NY (basically the Adirondacks). Theres a white-breasted nuthatch in there but I'm looking for help with the repeated buzzy call. CR-19 4.m4a
  7. Two closest ones look like coots others are probably different ducks and geese. Do you know which pool this was in? I love Montezuma
  8. Carolina wren? Not exactly black but in certain lighting it could appear very dark. My first thought was Junco but if you are positive it was not that I am not really sure. Small and flitting around also makes me think of the Kinglet species.
  9. On second thought...it sounds like it’s just some House Sparrows. The light was low so I couldn’t see what it looked like but the sound matches
  10. I heard this call today at around 6:45 pm in Western New York. There were multiple birds in a small pine tree and they were larger than sparrow size. State University of New York at Fredonia 17.m4a
  11. Yeah :/ I will continue looking for it and bring my binoculars next time so I can actually identify it.
  12. These are all posted under my topic but don't seem to have anything to do with my original post.
  13. These recordings are from today in WNY. I’ve been hearing/seeing this bird for about a month now at sunset. It’s too hard to make out what it is because of the light level but today I finally got some recordings. I thought it matched a Merlin based on the frequency of the call but the pitch doesn’t match. There were two smaller birds (what I assume to be the ones calling) and one that was a little larger. They would sit at the top of a pine tree and then all fly off and call together. State University of New York at Fredonia 15.m4a Scree eee e e e e 14.m4a
  14. Hm so I had also determined it's definitely a Tit species but I had settled on Great Tit. I honestly have basically no experience with European birds though so who knows.
  15. Taken yesterday in Western New York. No streaking underneath and no wing bars.
  16. Thanks! went back to the creek this morning and came to the same conclusion.
  17. Hi this was taken this morning near Canadaway Creek in Fredonia, NY. I’m sure it’s something simple as I recognize it but I just can’t seem to remember the ID. New Recording.m4a
  18. Fairly sure this is just a Song Sparrow. Coloring through me off a little though. Western NY today.
  19. Not sure what the bird in this recording is. Could be Dark-eyed junco or some type of sparrow? Taken in Western NY in July. State University of New York at Fredoniabird.m4a
  20. I'm not sure the habitat was right. It was on a small forest island in the middle of a lake.
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