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  1. It was mostly just jumping from branch to branch. The area was a big field like area very open in the sun.
  2. The only Kingbird around here is Eastern Kingbird and I did consider that but it wasn't nearly dark enough.
  3. So I saw this bird today in Lewiston, NY. I switched my ID so many times on it so I thought I would just see if anyone could tell here from my (pretty bad) pictures.
  4. Really?? Woah I was not thinking that at all. Also here is the third file I meant to upload. Eastwood Rd 2.m4a
  5. For the first one... Song Sparrow? I don't know. I know what a song sparrow sounds like but this didn't sound right for that to me. For the second one ignore the House Wren. I'm trying to figure out the repetitive call in the beginning that sounds far in the background. Last one, ignore the White-Breasted Nuthatch but the song near the end is an Eastern Bluebird? I saw some and heard others calling for sure but I'm not positive this was one as well. All taken today in Western NY. New Recording 2.m4a Eastwood Rd.m4a Eastwood Rd.m4a
  6. Pretty sure this is an Eastern Phoebe but wanted to make sure. Today in Western NY.
  7. Thanks! Yeah I figured a bunch of those would be hooded. for the last one I isolated the one that I was wondering about in this new clip: North Java 12-1.m4a
  8. Thanks! no idea how I didn't recognize the Towhee it seems so obvious now.
  9. All from Beaver Meadows in Western NY today. I really just don't know for any of these. One might be a Hooded Warbler in there somewhere because I heard those for sure but don't remember if I took a recording. A few of these may be the same species. North Java 8.m4a North Java 9.m4a North Java 10.m4a North Java 11.m4a North Java 12.m4a
  10. These were all recorded at Beaver Meadows in Western NY today. I have some guesses but not sure. 1) ? 2) Yellow-rumped? 3) Common Yellowthroat? 4) Song Sparrow? 5) ? North Java 2.m4a Welch Rd 2.m4a North Java 5.m4a North Java 6.m4a North Java 7.m4a
  11. One more recording I forgot to put in the last post from Knox farms today in Western NY. Knox Farm State Park 2.m4a
  12. These were taken today at Knox Farms in Western New York. I think one of them is a Song Sparrow but I'm not really sure on the rest. For the second recording, the bird I am referring to is the one that calls once in the beginning and once at the very end (the continuous trilling noise.). Knox Farm State Park.m4a East Aurora.m4a Knox Farm State Park 4.m4a Knox Farm State Park 3.m4a
  13. Looks like female Mallard to me...Don't have much experience with American Black Ducks but I don't think they would have white on the tail like the ones in the picture.
  14. This was taken in Chenonceau, France in February 2018. I believe it is a Red-crested Pochard but am pretty unfamiliar with these birds so looking for confirmation.
  15. some quick research points me to Capped wheatear. I have no experience with these birds but it sure seems to match.
  16. This is a House Sparrow in non-breeding plumage.
  17. 1) Magnolia Warbler (male) 2) Chestnut-sided Warbler 3) Yellow Warbler
  18. Today in Western New York. This bird was just sitting on the pool cover. Is this a Juvenile European Starling? I'm like 99% sure but need confirmation.
  19. Do you remember anything else about the coloration? was there any black on this bird?
  20. I agree first sounds like White-throated sparrow and third sounds good for Yellow Warbler
  21. Oh I didn't even think of hybrids. Yeah when I was looking at the subspecies originally I couldn't seem to decided which one it fit better which is why I didn't want to take a guess but a hybrid would explain that.
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