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  1. There are a few subspecies of Yellow-rumped so perhaps the one you are familiar with is different than the one pictured here? Also it's important to remember that sometimes colors that appear to be naturally occurring on the bird may actually come from things such as pollen stains.
  2. My first thought was Mourning Dove as well. You say they are smaller so maybe some sort of swallow? They often fly low to the ground and are pretty 'zippy'.
  3. Yes, it is always important to look at pictures of both females and males. Female warblers often get overlooked or misidentified because they are generally drabber.
  4. I've been stuck on this bird for weeks. I couldn't get a picture but it was tiny, smaller than a sparrow, brown on the back and lighter almost white on the underside. Its head looked disproportionately large for its body. It looked like an Eastern Phoebe to me but the song doesn't match up. I got a recording of the song and attached it below. Song reminds me of a House Wren but the bird was darker grayish brown and didn't look like a House Wren at all. This is from today in Western NY. Pinelake Dr.m4a
  5. Yeah one day...when I can go birding with you again ?
  6. agreed, this is a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak
  7. Thanks that's what I figured...been hoping to see a Purple Finch so now every House Finch goes under intense scrutiny lol
  8. Once again I don't know if what I'm seeing is a House Finch or Purple Finch. I think House but I'm not sure. There were three in the yard but I couldn't get great pictures so this is all I have... Taken today in Western New York
  9. I saw this bird in Western NY today. I am really hoping it's a White-crowned sparrow as that would be a lifer for me.... I didn't see any yellow on its head but I wanted to make sure it is not a White-throated Sparrow before I add it to my checklist. The pictures really are some of the worst I've ever gotten so I'm sorry if it isn't possible to ID based on them.
  10. I fear I've been posting far too much on here...I would just hate to misidentify a bird and put a incorrect picture in my checklists though. I have two birds I need confirmation on. First is an American crow? It was cawing loudly in a tree. Second, I have three pictures of what I believe is a male house finch but I am once again doubting my abilities to differentiate between Purple and House. Thank you.
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