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  1. Is this a Song Sparrow? I've said it before but I am really bad at sparrow ID. Taken in Western NY today. Ignore the House Finch in the second picture I only care about the sparrow lol.
  2. Ok, I think I was more thrown off by the tail. Don't Bald Eagles usually have more fanned out tails?
  3. I just use a pair of 7x35 Bushnell that I got from my grandpa and they work well enough. Definitely in need of an update in the near future though.
  4. First one looks more like a Turkey Vulture to me. For the second...are all three pictures of the same bird? the one on the bottom right looks different. The other two look like Warbling Vireos but the third looks like a Philadelphia Vireo because of its rounder shape. Last I would agree with Northern Rough-Winged.
  5. I am in Western NY on 5/2. saw this bird from the other side of a busy road and was only able to get some low quality pics through my binoculars before a car drove by and scared it away. Pretty sure it's a House Finch but want to be 100% sure so I don't have record it as purple/house finch. Thanks!
  6. This is a song sparrow, correct? From Western NY.
  7. Saw this in Western New York. I'm 99% sure it's a female rabbi but the white stripe is throwing me off. Can someone confirm?
  8. So the first recording is pretty bad you'll have to listen really closely but I had thought it was an Eastern Wood-Pewee. However, those wouldn't be in my area right now (I'm in Western NY). Today, my boyfriend sent me the second recording which he told me came from a European Starling. It sounds almost the same as my first recording. I swear it sounds just like an Eastern Wood-Pewee! Can somebody please confirm the bird either way and if it is indeed a European Starling can you maybe give me some tips to distinguish this call from an Eastern Wood-Pewee? Lakeside Dr 3.m4a 363 Dodge Rd 12.m4a
  9. It's hard to really see the eye ring but I would maybe throw Pacific Slope Flycatcher out there? The eye ring looks pretty teardrop shaped to mean but I wouldn't trust that.
  10. Ok so this may be difficult... this bird was heard at Buckhorn Island SP in Grand Island, NY. It was small grayish brown on top and had yellow on the underside. I do not have a picture but I do have a recording which I have attached. Thanks! Unknown bird song.m4a
  11. Yes! haha I hear them all the time in the Adirondacks but it's been awhile so I didn't think of them right away. Thank you though!
  12. So I spotted these ducks back in August in Hermon, NY (It's basically in the Adirondacks) St. Lawrence County. I identified them as domestic/mallard hybrid but I was wondering what others thought. Thanks ?
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