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  1. Yesterday - Sept 20 - how do you tell the difference between a young Cali and a first year Thayers (Iceland) gull?
  2. Is this a young Thayers (Iceland) Gull or a young Western Gull? Or maybe neither?
  3. At first I thought this was a black-chinned female. Wing tips appear to extend beyond base of tail. Thank you for your input!
  4. Does this image help??? Also, how about the one just in front of it, it looks a little different than the other ring-billed. Dark Eye...
  5. Several different gulls have been seen amongst the gazillion ring-biled gulls. I have pulled out images and cropped best as I could (some are blurry - sorry) birds that look to maybe NOT be ring-billed. Can you all help a novice gull ID person out?? You may even see something in the background I missed! 1. Gull in Back of image - has kinda funky ring around eye. 2. Larger Gull in Middle - sorry it was way out.... 3. Ring Billed? 4. In Flight, seems small for ring-billed 5. Unsure of all 4 - 3 lined up and one to the right 6. Both Ring-billed? One in front looks slightly different. 7. One in back? 8. I think this is the one that was in flight by the pelican. Thank you!
  6. THANK YOU! I agree after looking up bank swallow.
  7. Bank Swallow makes sense when I looked up other images. I have not seen them yet, only Barn Swallows... I did not see a forked tail so I thought maybe swift.
  8. Are these swifts? Vaux's? White Throated? I was not paying attention (was photographing other birds in flight) or I would have gotten clearer images.
  9. This one has me stumped. Was near a obvious Lazuli Bunting but looks odd for juvenile, perhaps the malformed beak has me off. Merlin picked up a Blue Grosbeak but this bird has white wing bars. Today: Sandy Point, Boise Idaho.
  10. With so much blue on the Yellow-rumped Warbler, which makes perfect sense, do you think it is Audubon's or Myrtle?
  11. Thats what I thought, which is why I was surprised that Merlin did not list it as an option, I do understand its not 100% - I should trust myself for often!
  12. Thats what I originally thought but Merlin keeps saying otherwise... I DO understand that it is not 100% accurate!
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