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  1. I spent quite some time trying to photograph every red-winged and Tri- colored Blackbirds in three colony areas in an area known to have Confirmed Tri-Colored Blackbirds. The males are pretty easy, the females not -so easy. I know some that were easily recognized as Red-Winged Female but these are on the fence? Any help? Also, is there such a thing as a bi-colored? Several of the males displayed ONLY bright red and no yellow or white that I could see even after watching them for a while. Can any of these be confirmed at Tri-colored?
  2. I found another long shot angle of that hawk, it looks more like a Rough-legged now?
  3. Merlin ID is giving me Rough-legged Hawk for this very, very tight crop. I also photographed a Ferruginous Hawk that was easy to ID. Does anyone think this could be a Rough-legged Hawk? Lower Latrobe Road high portion of road in the open area. Sacramento County, CA
  4. Surprised to see this guy. Lesser or Greater, I don't see to many so cannot tell. Lesser would be the most commonly seen.
  5. Yes, I have other images of the right most bird confirming Thayer's. Just wondering about the other!
  6. I know that one of these two gull's is Icelandic/Thayer's Gull, are they both? Sparks Marine Park, Sparks Nevada - November 6
  7. I want to go with American Goldfinch on this one, Merlin wants Pine Siskin - but the conical beak tells me no.
  8. I took this in my backyard, thinking it was a Nuttall's or Downy which I see all the time. It is neither based on color pattern I see. It also does not appear to follow the red pattern for the Red-breasted Sapsucker as it appears that the top of the head may be black. Wish I had more but can you help me guess? Is it just a shadow on the head and its a Red-bellied Sapsucker or is it something else, not sure what else it could be....Image taken Sept 25th this year.
  9. That's what I thought, its breast is not a streaked as I normally see. We are getting more and more reports of Purple Finches in the area which is why I questioned it, along with the bold dark color and lack of streaking up the breast.
  10. I was late and just quickly snapped these as getting in car. Now looking at them they seem such a deep red color that I am wondering if it is a Purple Finch. How do you tell the difference? Thank you! Two life birds for me today! Fox Sparrow and Red-Bellied Sapsucker (I had this one, but finally got a good enough one to call it, I like to have a good image before I claim it, I know its odd....)
  11. How can you tell the difference between a chipping and a brewers. I will look it up but any tips would be appreciated.
  12. So, I took out the Lark and Golden-Crowned cause they are easy. What are these? Are they all the same or do I have two Varieties here? I am getting Chipping, Brewers and Rufous Crowned or even Clay on these images, nothing is consistent. I tried to put up a representative amount of different birds.
  13. I have labeled as Yellow Warbler but its not as bright as I usually see so I put it into Merlin... urgh. It cannot decide between Nashville, Yellow-crowned or Yellow Warbler. Help a gal out?
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