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  1. I spent quite some time trying to photograph every red-winged and Tri- colored Blackbirds in three colony areas in an area known to have Confirmed Tri-Colored Blackbirds. The males are pretty easy, the females not -so easy. I know some that were easily recognized as Red-Winged Female but these are on the fence? Any help? Also, is there such a thing as a bi-colored? Several of the males displayed ONLY bright red and no yellow or white that I could see even after watching them for a while. Can any of these be confirmed at Tri-colored?
  2. I found another long shot angle of that hawk, it looks more like a Rough-legged now?
  3. Merlin ID is giving me Rough-legged Hawk for this very, very tight crop. I also photographed a Ferruginous Hawk that was easy to ID. Does anyone think this could be a Rough-legged Hawk? Lower Latrobe Road high portion of road in the open area. Sacramento County, CA
  4. Surprised to see this guy. Lesser or Greater, I don't see to many so cannot tell. Lesser would be the most commonly seen.
  5. Yes, I have other images of the right most bird confirming Thayer's. Just wondering about the other!
  6. I know that one of these two gull's is Icelandic/Thayer's Gull, are they both? Sparks Marine Park, Sparks Nevada - November 6
  7. I want to go with American Goldfinch on this one, Merlin wants Pine Siskin - but the conical beak tells me no.
  8. I took this in my backyard, thinking it was a Nuttall's or Downy which I see all the time. It is neither based on color pattern I see. It also does not appear to follow the red pattern for the Red-breasted Sapsucker as it appears that the top of the head may be black. Wish I had more but can you help me guess? Is it just a shadow on the head and its a Red-bellied Sapsucker or is it something else, not sure what else it could be....Image taken Sept 25th this year.
  9. That's what I thought, its breast is not a streaked as I normally see. We are getting more and more reports of Purple Finches in the area which is why I questioned it, along with the bold dark color and lack of streaking up the breast.
  10. I was late and just quickly snapped these as getting in car. Now looking at them they seem such a deep red color that I am wondering if it is a Purple Finch. How do you tell the difference? Thank you! Two life birds for me today! Fox Sparrow and Red-Bellied Sapsucker (I had this one, but finally got a good enough one to call it, I like to have a good image before I claim it, I know its odd....)
  11. How can you tell the difference between a chipping and a brewers. I will look it up but any tips would be appreciated.
  12. So, I took out the Lark and Golden-Crowned cause they are easy. What are these? Are they all the same or do I have two Varieties here? I am getting Chipping, Brewers and Rufous Crowned or even Clay on these images, nothing is consistent. I tried to put up a representative amount of different birds.
  13. I have labeled as Yellow Warbler but its not as bright as I usually see so I put it into Merlin... urgh. It cannot decide between Nashville, Yellow-crowned or Yellow Warbler. Help a gal out?
  14. YES! FINALLY! lol! Thank you all. It was a good day out for me today!
  15. Do I FINALLY have one? Or is it yet another Yellow Warbler in drab disguise?
  16. It is an extreme crop but it appears to have a contrasting reddish tail, Hermit Thrush? Thank you.
  17. Thank you, I am still learning and I understand Merlin is sometimes wrong, thats why I am thankful for you all!
  18. I have this labeled as a Yellow Warbler, but Merlin App is giving me Orange-Crowned. Which is correct? Thank you!
  19. I keep picking up a Willows on my sound recording in my back yard. It keeps coming up and its driving me crazy its either very elusive or my app is wrong. If it was just once I would ignore it but its been four days in a row. So the one MAY be a Hammonds, all the others are Western Wood Pewees?
  20. Here are the other Flycatcher types I got today in the same location. It could be a Western Wood-Pewee as I think there is another in this batch. Included same image for reference. You all can help me out with all of these. Wish I had better images. I only have one image of the one I posted first, I do have other angles of the others.
  21. Merlin App is giving me Orange-crowned Warbler for this bird, I am confused, particularly with that little splash of white on the one angle. Help!
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