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  1. The Female version of the woodpecker at the nest hole has the exact same length beak..... it has me puzzled..... could it be a misplaced Ladderback?  But looking at picture I would guess that is is not as the only other woodpecker with a longer beak than the Nuttall's and Ladder-back is the Hairy and none of these have a white patch on the back ruling out Downy AND Hairy.

  2. I am guessing by size and what we have here that is it Robin, Mockingbird, Kingbird, Tanager....I have actually seen a mockingbird dive bomb a cat and make of with some hair!  the pine needles would be from the tree..... the fluff looks gray.  Looks like it might have been last years nest and since mockingbirds don't often come back to the same nest.... hmmm quite the mystery!

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