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  1. I would appreciate it. What is the Facebook group? I may join that group. Doesn't seem like there are many responses on this blog anymore.
  2. Anyone else have any input on the Shearwater?
  3. Yes. If anyone decides to go for the ISJ, go to Prisoner's Harbor. I had several encounters and everyone I spoke to said that it is basically a for sure thing at this location.
  4. This would be a lifer for me. These were taken on 01/08/19 on the way out to Santa Cruz Island of the Channel Islands National Park. Pretty sure this is a Black-vented Shearwater, but would like confirmation from those who may have more experience with these guys.
  5. Another lifer. This was at the San Diego River mudflats on 01/12. Again, I'm 99% sure, but would love for someone with more experience than me with western birds would confirm.
  6. Thanks BB. I saw a bunch of Grebes on this trip, but this one seemed to fit the bill perfectly. There white in the flanks was another factor I was considering, but wanted to make sure. From what I have read, it can be difficult this time of year to tell the difference, but on this one I thought it was relatively obvious. Of course, I am basing it off of guides, not experience on this one.
  7. I am identifying this as a Clark's Grebe, but wanted some confirmation since it will be a life bird and I am from the east, so this is out of my area. This was on the boat trip to Santa Cruz Island in CA on 01/08/19.
  8. This was taken in Yucca Valley, CA on 01/09/19. I think it is a female Nuttall's Woodpecker, but would like to get some confirmations. This would be a lifer for me.
  9. Creeker and TooFly, thanks for the input. Very much appreciated!!!!!
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