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  1. I was excited to see the Amakihi as well, but the alauahio is much more rare and I didn't realize I had got a picture of one. I'm thankful for every new bird I see.
  2. Thanks Conner for the confirmation. That is excellent.
  3. Thanks Neilpa. That was my thought as well. Is there someone familiar with Hawaiin birds that could add to our thoughts?
  4. This was taken on 10/02/23 in Haleakalā National Park. At first I thought this was just an Amakihi, but looking at again, I may have been wrong. Hopefully there are some people on this very familiar with Hawaiian birds.
  5. Thanks. Always good to get a lifer when you are expecting one. My wife doesn't care for birding, but loves hummingbirds. We were there for hummingbirds and visiting locations on the overall National Parks list and I cheated a bit, ?.
  6. This was taken on 072620 near Sierra Vista, AZ. Being from FL, I was excited seeing this and feel good about the ID, but always like to get input from others before I claim a lifer.
  7. Early on when I started birding I thought I knew the answers and was corrected, so I always check now even if I feel confident in an ID.
  8. This was taken on 07/22/20 at Coronado National Memorial in AZ. I feel good about my ID, but as with any new lifer, I like to get a few additional confirmations/comments.
  9. Thanks, any other thoughts anyone? Thanks all.
  10. Going through some old pics and about 99% sure of the ID, but always like to get additional opinions. This was on 04/21/19 at Ft. Desoto in St. Pete, FL.
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