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  1. This was taken 05/06/18 in Williams AZ. This is the best pic I had, but never got a pic from the front. The scaling on the bottom gave me pause and without a pic of the front, I am not sure. The forehead is black and the location would indicate Gambel's, but would appreciate some input from the West Coast Crew.
  2. This was taken on 01/09/19 in Yucca Valley, CA. Feel 98% sure this is a female Nuttall's Woodpecker, but this is my first, so want to be sure.
  3. Thanks all. Ash-throated was my initial thought. The yellow beneath was the big reason I was starting to stray. All the Ash-throated I have seen (not many) have had a much lighter yellow. I then looked at my pics of the Great-crested (Many more living in FL) that I have and thought it was within the range for the larger bill. Always good to get additional feedback. Thanks again.
  4. I initially thought this was an Ash-throated Flycatcher. The more I look at it and pics of the Ash-throated Flycatcher that I have, I am now thinking Brown-crested Flycatcher. The beak size and the deeper yellow underneath made me think differently. This was in Zion National Park on 05/16/18. Any thoughts from those out west?
  5. Interesting. I'm an East Coast guy, so that is news too me. I guess I need to look at my pics and see what I actually have from my few trips out there. May have increased my life list by one.
  6. I considered Least as well. Bill length and yellow in the eye ring plus the place seen was what I was basing my thoughts on. Thinking it was a youngster moving into adulthood.
  7. This as seen on 04/21/19 at Ft. Desoto State Park in St. Petersburg, FL. Thinking Acadian Flycatcher.
  8. This was taken today at Ft. Desoto State Park in St. Petersburg, FL. I was thinking juvenile Peregrine Falcon, but have only seen one and it was an adult. I was fooled once and it was a Merlin, but this looked too large to be a Merlin.
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