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  1. Thanks. Always good to get a lifer when you are expecting one. My wife doesn't care for birding, but loves hummingbirds. We were there for hummingbirds and visiting locations on the overall National Parks list and I cheated a bit, ?.
  2. This was taken on 072620 near Sierra Vista, AZ. Being from FL, I was excited seeing this and feel good about the ID, but always like to get input from others before I claim a lifer.
  3. Early on when I started birding I thought I knew the answers and was corrected, so I always check now even if I feel confident in an ID.
  4. This was taken on 07/22/20 at Coronado National Memorial in AZ. I feel good about my ID, but as with any new lifer, I like to get a few additional confirmations/comments.
  5. Thanks, any other thoughts anyone? Thanks all.
  6. Going through some old pics and about 99% sure of the ID, but always like to get additional opinions. This was on 04/21/19 at Ft. Desoto in St. Pete, FL.
  7. Thanks. I always like to get additional confirmation. I have been looking for this one for some time. I am just now going through the pics and didn't realize I had it. Always cool when that happens.
  8. This was taken on 01/01/21 in southeastern Arkansas. I feel confident with the ID but always like to get additional feedback on a new lifer.
  9. Thanks all. I was 98% sure, but always like to get additional input on new birds. Been a while since I have been on.
  10. Thanks Aaron. I like to get a couple of feedbacks on a new bird if I can.
  11. These were taken in Resurrection Bay in AK on 09/06/21. I think the first pic is an adult and the other two are juvies. Any input would be appreciated. This would be a new bird for me.
  12. This was taken yesterday on my way my way from Tulsa, OK to Wichita, TX. I feel good about an ID of a light juvi, but would love some input since this would be a lifer.
  13. Thanks all. I was looking for Owls, but was excited when I saw this one.
  14. This was from yesterday at the Sax-Zim Bog in MN. The weather and distance made it difficult to get a good picture, but I think there is enough for ID. I would appreciate input though since it is a new bird for me.
  15. This is another possible new bird for me. This is another ID I m comfortable with, but because it is my first I would appreciate some input. This was yesterday at the Sax-Zim Bog in MN.
  16. 99% sure these are Snow Buntings, but this is a bird for me. Taken yesterday at the Sax-Zim Bog in MN. Weather was terrible, but I was able to close some of the distance.
  17. I considered that, but my understanding is that the Western doesn't make it into AK and it didn't seem to match anything I could find on the GW / Herring hybrid.
  18. This was taken just south of Anchorage, AK on 07/11/20. Pretty confident in my ID, but being from FL I was definitely out of my comfort zone. Any input would be appreciated.
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